Clarification on raids please

a curiosity: I can’t understand the increase damage after how many minutes it starts in a raid … they sent me a raid where they start 30 seconds from the end of the raid … is this normal or did they start earlier before?

The tiebreaker is based on number of turns. Not time. I believe it’s 30 or 40. But it will tell you what turn it is.

If I know a raid is likely to end in a tiebreaker, I’ll make suboptimal moves by playing quickly knowing I’m playing for the tiebreaker.


30 /40 my turns or in total ( offence+difence)?

Tiebreaker kicks in after each side has had 30 turns. So you’ve taken 30 turns and AI has taken 30 turns.


Thank you so much for the clarification :smiley:

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