Clarification on behalf of beta testers, to the anti-nerf crowd

This is a topic about beta process (which has lasted longer than most! Well done team).

But if you want to debate specific heroes, please use the appropriate beta beat topic :+1:


Nearing 100 posts, so I just want to make sure I definitely understand all the salient points:

  1. For some inexplicable reason, Beta testers swallow flies. Probably the application process is a sham and this is a rite of passage thing.
  2. Beta testers invariably and unanimously advocate for the nerf of all new heroes and HOTM’s.
  3. Beta testers do this because they are gatekeepers and want to protect their top shelf heroes and rosters. That is, for them, they have discovered that the META is to not allow new powerful heroes into the game.
  4. Everything bad that makes it to the public version of the game is the Beta testers’ fault since they have complete autonomy and SGG always hears and implements their feedback.
  5. Beta testers suck at rock, paper, scissors.

You forget the stipend of free original OP design HotMs that the Beta testers get.


But @Rigs, I bought 2-2$ scratch off lottery tickets on two separate days and won over 100$…am I in the top 100 now? :joy:

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Your post about your raid data was very helpful. Thank you.

Posts like these on the other hand, are not helpful at all. Not a single person in this thread of “100 posts” made ANY of the points you said there.

It isn’t helpful to attack other people’s opinions by completely misrepresenting what they say.

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Her post was 99% sarcasm.

Reminder not to break Rule 12:


@JonahTheBard can we have a Beta tester conspiracy thread started up I think that would allow people the platform to complain whilst not leaking into greater game talk. ( also I want a specific one as to not disrupt this gold mine here -> Mine of Gold


Unfortunately, these have occurred on a few occasions and quickly become toxic and full of ill informed personal attack. So I don’t tolerate them :slightly_smiling_face:

This one is the most successful conversation on beta that I can recall, other than @zephyr1’s incredible beta beat threads.


Agreed and understood. also to clearify this was not an attack on @bobiscool as he has been very civil (as usual) while stating his points.


Luck is the most important skill :pray: :rofl:

  1. Thank you for your compliment about my raid data thread. I am glad you and many others find it interesting.

  2. I already attempted to make a serious post in this thread. If you missed it I don’t blame you, as I could see many other people were posting while I typed it up.

  3. I would have thought it was abundantly clear my post was satire in a thread that devolved into an argument about who was straw manning better. I thought it’d be funny (still think it is), but didn’t want anyone to think I’m making fun of them, which is why I deliberately misinterpreted OP’s points. I’m reasonably certain he (?) will know I am gently teasing him (?) in a friendly way and will not take offense.

  4. We all have different ideas of what constitutes ‘helpful’ behavior. I posted a Taken meme earlier. I admit that that and the post you quoted probably advanced the conversation zero. But they did inject some levity, which I actually think IS helpful. It’s a game and the second greatest problem in the forums is that people take this all too seriously (the biggest problem, if anyone is wondering, is that human brains are inherently very bad at understanding randomness and probability and are, in an almost unfathomable and yet oh-so-comedic twist, also very bad at realizing that they have that deficiency). If you didn’t understand I was making that point in my post, that’s fine. Perhaps you would have preferred a post saying, ‘whoa, hey everyone! We’re taking this way too seriously!’ But that’s not really my style.



@Mr_Style_Points was leaving out the s a typo?


I would say that most HotM were designed to support stark, otherwise, how else can one explain elemental links, elemental buffs, surely not for Titans attacks alone, I would also say it gives players with lean roaster ability to make relevant impacts on attacks, at the risk of the board anyway, the board RNG in itself is enough mitigation.

Just SGG fieldhands whipping anyone that gets out of line.

I tried to start a conspiracy thread to include any and all conspiracies

It went south quick and the theorists felt offended and attacked. Apparently posting conspiracy theories is ok as long as they derail a thread or cause bickering, But they’re not something that they actually believe or want to talk about and definitely not something someone outside of their circle of thinking should bring up.

They’re just fire starters really.

Did inspire at least 1 new conspiracy theory though lol

Apparently according to a “source”:
“I’m the son of SmallGiant”(1000% false btw but entertaining thought none the less)

Best thing players can do is just ignore them, let their fires go unfueled, and eventually they’ll either fade into silence or they’ll develop a following that narrows down the recruiting pool…natural selection at it’s finest basically


Starcraft vanilla is a classic example of great balance between three races


I still think lots of beta testers just want to protect their old kings. Just look what happened to Neith and JF

Neith imo is decent in defense in the right synergies. Not sure what she would be nerfed to protect anyways. Justice that is already a rare sight in defense and seldomly talked about in offense? I don’t have neith so i can’t try her out in offense or speak on her behalf there, though i would expect her to be decent.(might add one of the most vocal players saying neith needed to be nerfed was also a long time f2p, so not sure who he would be protecting…???)

And believe it or not, the most vocal players for the nerf to jf didn’t have gm…

Another thing is how did the jf nerf protect gm? And how would unnerfed jf effect gm?

Think the OP got it right with the dynamite analogy. And i think we’ll see disappointed players every single month that dynamite isn’t released and they’ll hit the forum with their pitch forks shouting and attention seeking which will be the same song and dance we’ve already heard multiple times and the ears will only increase that are deaf to the screams & shouts of unfairness and unfound theories


Ok can i ask you if you think that the game is balanced now … i dont think so … tow or three super killer heroes or super tank , that we cant get just because we dont have good luck in pulls or we dont spend , and you have to wait for them 6 months so they can come back and try your bad luck again … the game now depends on 4 super heroes , kage , gravemaker, Finley, seshat and Guinevere… the rest are normal … make a good new heroes so we can have a chance …for 8 months now only 2 new good heroes (seshat and Kingston) the rest dont care if i get them or not a game changer … i think the game is not balanced i have 25 maxed heroes worth nothing and not fun to play with .we need new good , strong and mind blowing heroes , we want to compete… we waited for JF from beta and when he released dont know if i will max him … same thing for others …


Re variety how was it different to seeing all the guin, gm combos previously ?

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