Clarification on behalf of beta testers, to the anti-nerf crowd

IMO, beta testers should concentrate more on detecting the hero’s functionality aka bugs rather than accessing whether the hero is OP.
Few beta testers cries on JF being too OP in offense but how many of them tested Finley over and over in buffed condition? Guinevera was the ‘in’ thing for a year or so until most of us master the art of stacking. Seshat come too late.
Thanks to the beta tester inputs. Neith just turned from popcorn to a whole corn. Now it was JF. It ain’t fun eating a whole corn while watching a movie, unless we’re too hungry…lol.

This is a board game, no matter how strong the hero s, the board dictate the outcome. The best we can do is trying to manipulate the board in our favour.


Unfortunately for you; your opinion doesn’t coincide with SG’s


A functional RNG, maybe, but the one SGG uses? No skill necessary, just like P2W!

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Then how/why do some users consistently outperform others even with similar heroes & troops?

Have you done any kind of statistical tracking within your alliance, yourself, or just people in the game in general?

Have you done any data on boards?

Have you paid attention to any kind of “ranks” within the game, such as war scores of the top 100, challenge event scores & players, raid leaderboard, tournament leaderboards, etc?

As I’ve said in the past, all of that information is at your disposal. […]


Really liked this phrase a lot. Some heroes that would make the grind of pve a lot less time consuming get nerfed for fears in pvp.

90% of the nerfs are from a pvp standpoint and it’s tough as we need to enjoy pve also and some heroes (lady locke, anzogh) find much better homes in the pve environment rathet than pvp.

The issue become that everyone feels only the top 1% are beta testers and if someone doesnt agree with there nerf you have certain named people, that wanna resort to flaming and name calling.

Francois was not universally agreed o.p. yet there was A LOT that said V.1 was even when people listed tons of different counters for the guy. End result was the largest divide in the community i have ever seen over a single hero and still feel that it left a really nasty taste in the mouth between players.

Malosi hitting three was gonna shake some things up, but nope nerfed back down to 1 person but left very fast so still has potential.

There has to be some give for both sides(pve and pvp) to enjoy themselves and even though pvp sells this game, why are all the top players getting burnt out and retiring if these nerfs are supposed to be healthy to the game.

In the last two months I have seen more fights and breakdowns in the top ranks as people are not happy with the current metas at all as their is very few ways to counter certain heroes and people being forced almost to play one style to have fun, and once you can’t play more than one way, its not fun anymore.


This is a reasonable opinion to hold, but the Small Giant Staff have explicitly said that QA (quality assurance) testing is not the reason for the Beta program:


So assuming you dont have Hel your game didnt change when you got Proteus? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The “top ranks” can get bent, because the ENTIRE GAME is like that for 99% of the players. Those with the most should be listened to the least.

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The same luck that gives some players 3 HotM on a 10-pull while others get no 5* on 100 pulls.

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I assume this is related to

Could you please explain why this would be like that for 99% of the players?

Luck isn’t That consistent lol

It’s streaky but not consistent


You dont seem to understand how luck works. :smile:

If you play a game with an element of luck and an element of skill you will note, that the bigger the luck factor is the more diverse will be the leaderboards.
So your explenation is defenitely wrong!


SGG is 100% focused on new 5* HotM, and has left everyday gameplay to rot into boredom while simply mandating more of it. So for the 99% of players who get a new hero once or twice a year, the game has nothing to offer AS A GAME. Of course it still has social and addictive properties, but as a game it is stagnant for 99% of players. If you look over the board, you will see all the threads where people talk about why certain aspects of the game aren’t compelling. Put it all together, and you have an underdeveloped game being driven into the ground by too many accountants and too few game designers, if there are any left whose job isn’t just to put toons to a spreadsheet.


Do you realize that luck and RNG are the same thing?

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I disagree with this statement. EVERY player from least to greatest has something to offer.


In that case, SG should just get rid of the beta testers as it turn out SG may not listening?? or it was on most beta testers inputs that no initial damages on JF’s special?

PvP aka raids is my cup of espresso. Raid was the only reason I am stil in the game. I had visited most of the top players watch tower.
The only factor that frustrated me most was the board…lol.

Anyone that believes what you just said is definitely not my audience. :slight_smile:

The leaderboards in this game are determined by who’s bought the HotM’s. Everyone on this board knows that the top 1% complain constantly that they face the same heroes over and over and over again. No skill involved, just money or luck for pulls. :slight_smile:

It’s cool if y’all don’t understand, but I’ll continue to put out the educated truth for those who seek it. :slight_smile:


I cant follow you here.

PoV, tournament, emblems, part of season 2 and 3 has nothing to do with 5* heros.

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That is false all the way to 20.

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I see what you are saying as those with a bigger bench have more options, however that also means they should have more ways to counter heroes and the less ways there are to counter that is how i would assume that something is deemed O.P., which leads me to the question of how come people ignore constant counters to what is deemed O.P.?

Heroes gets thrown into they are to strong!! Argument when there are plenty of heroes out right now(ursena, gravemaker, high emblemed kunchen, aegir when u have no dispel avaiable) that give people plenty of problems as is.

Telluria was being kind of ignored over the whole Francois debacle and I kept making the comment repeatedly that she was gonna be game changing for green even after her nerfs, yet somehow she had all this utility at average and no one has made any comment about how boss wolf is still very slow with almost the same utility.

Makes absolutely no sense at all that this isnt being addressed but then the whining that led to malosi getting nerfed was literally thats top tanks would be in trouble, cut and dry that was what lead to his nerf, he would be to good for offense, yet most people are lucky to get one of these heroes but because he could actual help newer people navigate these tough to deal with tanks, and be able to be used some nice four stars they worked on to compensate his abilities, guy gets nerfed. He should have remained hit 3 and we would have some different conversation coming up here lately about metas. There is no way a guy who only silenced special parts of skills yet didnt lower the incoming damage was O.P. yet he still got nerfed.

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