Clan of Vengeance: Recruitment New Members

Active players eager for bloody battles, glory and victory. High level of communication between members! Languages (ENG/RUS).
Joins us. All players welcome for start.

Hi mate! All the best with your new clan!

If you do get sick of the recruiting grind, feel free to come visit/check out my family of alliances (we’ll have a home for you & yours) :slight_smile:

My Line ID is Guvnor81.

Really hope it works tho!!

Way to provide a disincentive. Sounds appealing but co-leader (doing the leaders job is what i have been most of my life). Elder suits me fine.

EDIT: despite the reputation here, i have found my Russian opponents quite honourable, especially in AW. I just can’t master the Cyrillic alphabet.
Seriously, it sounds like a temptation to dance with the devil, I’m kind of tempted.

I have patience with recruiting, I need few valuable and active players like me so we can start work together. My last alliance where I was from my beginning was middle not strong, not weak, but was not organisation there. 20 members (15 active), only 8 attack Titans, I always made damage 150000 + to 3 stars Titans and 200000+ Titans 4 stars. In the wars so many players no attacking. No warnings for nothing. The leaders were no active enough. I’m feeling sorry only for 3 members, they grown with me from 0, and they are very active but I take only one player with me in my new alliance. If all they 3 were coming with me in my new alliance, the old one was over.

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Hi mate. Thank you. I will have in mind

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