Clan description editing is not allowed

Hey there, one of our co had not very good idea to insult opposed clan in our clan description, it was race based insult. Was there only for few minutes but probably screenshot was made and now we have kind of ban. Clan name and description editing is not allowed.
Well deserved, no questions there.

But i searched for info and could not find anything. Is ban permanent or not?
Could someone please enlight this topic? Thanks!

Screenshot was posted by a forum member

But apparently has been hidden

@H0fm4nN do you remember which alliance had that banner?

Staff will never openly discus matters like this.
I think you will have to open a ticket to get a reply from them…

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U right but i thought maybe we are not the first and its well known if bans are permanent or not :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of an editing ban. Best to use a support ticket to find out.

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In addition to the spot-on advice given here, you also have to consider future instances that might get another ban. If that co-leader does not see the reasoning behind the ban, the leader may consider demoting the co-leader. I don’t think elders can touch the alliance banner(??). The ban affects the entire alliance so should be considered. Just food for thought.

Yeah, i immidietely said there will be punishment for the clan and i think it is enough to avoid something like that in the future. Hope lesson learned. Plus culture related it was bad but more of a joke (i know in eu or usa u would not joke about such things but other countries other rules).

This is accurate. Only leader and co-leaders can edit the banner.

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