Claimed but not received titan loot

Hello everyone I just hit claim a d nothing in my inventory ???

Unfortunately it’s happening to a lot of us. It’s a known issue, see the thread below


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@princess1 This sounds like a slightly different issue, since the loot popup must have shown to be able to tap Claim.

@Luckyclover666 Do you know which particular items you got?

Inventory doesn’t show new counter notifications for anything below a 3* item:

It popped up a d after claiming only partially came through I checked again and food iron and gems went up but the mats didn’t

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Maybe your right nothing special so I’ll take a screenshot before next titan is done so I can count manually

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My issue seemed to be the same as yours. I could see that my gems went up but no indication of new items.


This is the first time that I’ve heard of this “glitch”. On our last titan (Heroes Command is our alliance) I didnt get any loot and i had the highest score. I said something about it on our chat and another player said the same thing happened to them. It was very disappointing.

You actually did get the rewards, you just didn’t get the pop up message. Now that we have the new activity log we can check for new items.

For the activity log hit menu - gear - support - recent activity


I just claimed my share of war chest and titan loot. It said I won a summon token in each one. I received all the other items but not the tokens. I am in the Supernatural Scranton Alliance.

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