Claim All too many to hold

In the training camps with the claim all button…
I have the ability to hold 36 additional heroes but say I train 99+ - I use the claim all button and I lose the additional 60+ some odd heroes!
Help please

It’s supposed to fill up your capacity and leave the rest in your training camps. If it isn’t doing that, there’s a problem. Can you post screenshots showing exactly what happened so @Petri or @mhalttu can look into it?


Have to save up enough food and training peeps first.
When I clicked “claim all” it told me my hero storage was maxed. I assumed it would do what you suggested. I then ate the heroes and went back… camp is empty.

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I’m going to try to duplicate this, but it may take me a few hours to generate enough feeders to get close to my cap. I’m going to try to set it up so I am 1 shy of max with 2 feeders in 1 camp to claim. That way if I lose the excess, it will only be 1 feeder

not had any issue here, it only gives me the heroes i have space for and leaves the rest in the camp


Okay, if it gives a warning, that is probably intended behavior, just like withdrawing recruits from a training camp.

Did you just lose the trained heroes, or did you lose all of your training in progress too?

Two were finished and two are still going.

Level 19 is the training camp I use mostly

Okay. Let’s be more specific. The camp that you were trying to Collect All from. Was it completely finished, or did you have ongoing training? When you bypassed the warning, did it cancel the ongoing training too, or is it still running?

Ignore the other camps while we figure this out. They’re not in this episode

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That would be very bad. Just a warning and maybe 1000s of feeders gone by a false click on a button that close to the right one?

It should be

1000 waiting
100 free slots
Click bulk
900 waiting
Slots filled

Everything else would be a mess.


I had all four camps going. The one in question was finished, and it was running 99+ on level 3. I claimed all and received my 36 and the rest went away.
I am currently recreating again with 40 heroes to see if it again.

Was it finished or still running?
Finished: all recruits trained into heroes, no current timer going
Still running: some heroes ready to collect, some recruits still being trained, current timer going

Never happened to me, it just gave me the ones to fill my storage then I fed them away and went back for the rest


Cannot recreate. Will keep an eye open if happens again. Sorry for all the fuss.


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