Circus, Slayers and Villains bypass elemental barriers

It seems they are incorrectly marked as festival heroes too due to coming festival II

Shhhhhh. I’ve been enjoying my Ingolf working on dark reflect :rofl: :innocent:


This is a known bug.

I could not find the earlier bug report at the moment

@Petri @Dudeious.Maximus

Maybe you’re thinking of this one? [SOLVED] Challenge Event: Slayers missing bonus
Slayers were originally listed with the others, but did not give bonus…

Since all challenge festival 2 groups are explicitly listed in the event text, I assume it’s by design…?

Yeah my LOTL was in stage 1 to 10 all de way with no break. :joy::rofl:

As a known bug, I facetiously ask if those who exploited the bug will face consequences?

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LOTL is okay, it is CF1 hero. But Zuri or Bobo is not okay, for example.

Is it REALLY a bug if official event rules directly says they are included?


Lol jokes on me. I’m normally a rule reader. I was following the above reports. Thank you!

I didn’t even know that the rule has been updated to include CF2 heroes.

I used as many +20% heroes as I could. Lol

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Bards is not even released, so, I supposed than rule is incorrect.

This round is CF 1 is bugged bad. Scoring off. Enhanced heroes is expanded beyond scope of CF 1.

I completed it asap in case Zynga injects in the fix. Lol

This was this other bug report:

In the other hand, we can’t be punished for using a glitch, because we just followed official rules technically

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