Ciprian, Elena and Boril


Did someone noticed that their special isn’t working?? First time, i said to myself i was confused… 2nd time i looked twice… 3rd time i really saw it… it’s worthless using them…


I have Boril and Cyprian and haven’t noticed any problems.


This? Fix coming…

Note particularly:

Obakan counter attack off

No, not really this… I really like Ciprian, sooo use him as tank… yesterday while i was doing some revenges noticed that conterattack wasn’t working at all… for example, cip uses his special, then lianna attacks him, she kill’s him and doesn’t lost a single life point…


Actually that sounds exactly like the issue addressed in that thread. In release 15.0, they made a change where Perfect Riposte heroes would no longer reflect any damage back when the hero in question is killed. Apparently this is how it was intended all along, and the behavior we’ve all known as normal, where damage is still reflected for a killing hit, was really a long standing “bug”.

Presumably because of player feedback, largely in support of the old “buggy” behavior which has existed basically forever and accepted as normal, in the upcoming 15.1 release this old behavior is going to be restored, where damage is reflected even on a killing blow.


I don’t really believe it was a bug… even if that was the reason stated. Do you really think that there was a bug that went unnoticed for a year and a half?
Anyway, I am glad they listened and are removing this ‘fix’, because it IS a balance changer.


Crazier things have happened… I honestly can’t know what goes on behind the scenes at SG like any of us players other than what they share with us, but I can imagine this was known for some time, and for whatever reason only now they chose to address it. Or maybe they not… hard to say. Either way, I see no reason for some sort of sinister or ulterior motive here. I wouldn’t be surprised if opinions of SG staff was divided on this, and it took time to reach a decision (but yeah a year and a half is a really long time…).

Agreed, and I think that is the important part!


I’m glad we are in agreement about the reversing of the ‘fix’. But just to be clear - I was not insinuating any sinister or ulterior motives, so am not comfortable with that sort of thing being implied about my comment. I am not a supporter of conspiracy theories; just my opinion that it wasn’t really a bug. Maybe someone wanted to apply logic to a magical empire?.. :grin:


I have both obikan and Elena and they are not doing any counterattacks at all