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Dear E&P friends,
Time has come to get back in action with multiplayer alliance that hit 7~9 titans.
I am a busy with life player who know some information about the game, I play around 6 hours daily and I have 3400+ TP team … with maxed 2 5☆ and 18 4☆ heroes with some 4☆ heroes on 3^60.
Looking for new home not doing AW or not taking them seriously as I don’t do them.
Just doing titans. Average hit rate 30k+.
I spent about 6months in one player alliance. To build up some heroes with out being under stress.
**My time zone is +2 GMT Cairo time.

PS1: please NO Arabic alliances.
Ps2: I am a cup dropper so don’t ask me later to raise my cups.
PS3: No teenagers allainces, I am adult and like to be around adults.

Found new home with
@Kerridoc close it please.


How interesting that I haven’t been in the forums for months and I sign on now and see your post. Come check us out, we are hitting 8-9* Most we kill, sometimes we don’t. Just being honest. Our Alliance is: Oh sh/t bet that hurt.

Hey i probably have a spot for ya in one of our casual Crews. Both hit 7*(working their way up), and last i checked war was optional

Line id: jrigs

I don’t have Line :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
But will check it if you gave me the allie name my friend Rigs.
I think iy could be later the Banana house lol xD

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Thanks for your replay … will be checking the allaince after doing my daily forum duties my friend :wink:

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Dont be surprised if they want you to get Line though, pretty common requirement for our Crews

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If they require it … it wont be a chance then as no phone space for it.

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Talkin to the lead now. Tryin to make an exception to My rule :joy:


@Jedon go apply, they’ll take ya


If they accept all above sorted. Then I think there is a good home.


They accepted. They’re waiting to let u in

20 chars


Sent apply … waiting !
Joined Crew-Serfs


We are perfect…WAR: Opt in or out
Titan: Min 3 hits per

If someone opt outs from AW then he is not considered for matching - is that assumption correct?

If a player has opt-out he/s wont count in matchmaking. His/her being in allie wont be a problem at all.


Thanks for confirmation.

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