Christmas Presents Just Laying Around

While I enjoy the bug-zapper tree topper, and the exorcist-like spinning snowman heads, I was disappointed that the little Christmas gifts scattered about are stagnant. What fun it would be, if on Christmas morning, we could tap and open them for some extra Christmas surprises! Just a little something in keeping with the giving spirit of the season………maybe one could be almost hidden and hard to spot, but that would be the best one of all, with a 4* ascension mat if you can find it!

How do you know we can’t…?


OMG don’t toy with me! ( toy----see what I did there?) :heart_eyes:

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Well if we can’t, it’s not too late to implement this idea. Would be a fun feature and I’m sure would liven up some conversation amongst the community(preferably if each base has different present layouts so we dont have spoilers)


You know it would have to be RNG loot…lol

Maybe the advent calendar will still impress. I enjoyed my extra sharp Christmas arrows this morning :relieved:


Well i meant as far as layout so that if there is a “hidden” one then we’d all have the fun of finding it rather than the very first person showing it on the forum and spoilin the challenge lol

I don’t want to talk about the “free gifts” lol I’ll just sound ungrateful and it’ll lead to a thread with a 100+ posts complaining about the same thing and another 100+ talking about how thankful they are

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Feel the same…

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