Christmas in July

Please consider something like throwing in a random HOTM into TC20 so some lucky person can come screaming in joy to us on the forums with… OMG I just got Mother North and it’s July, yes yes yes. Even if you make it 0.0001% chance at least someone has to get lucky once a year :mrs_claus::mrs_claus::mrs_claus::mrs_claus::mrs_claus:

It doesn’t necessarily change your idea, but MN is a seasonal hero, not a hotm.

So you would also expect vampires and sand heroes in that plan, rather than Miki, zim kitty and friends


Thanks @JonahTheBard, I haven’t been playing long enough to have Christmas here yet but what the heck let’s have holidays, seasonal, HOTM, and any other special they can dream up to surprise us with, :partying_face:

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