Christmas/Holiday Heroes

I’m tempted to buy the $100 bundle today since you already get 1000 more gems then just buying them, plus all of the other items it’s a pretty good deal actually. I only want to purchase it if the new heroes coming out are going to be worth it. So… are any of these next heroes going to be top 100 material or just not going to cut it?

If you ask me, they aren’t worth it spending that much. Good tanks, yes… but not so good, that I would call them a must have.
The next Hotm… well that’s another thing. If she stays like the pictures showed her, she will be like Panther in green and definitely worth a try.

Good deal? They have you convinced. Great job SG.

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Well you get 11,000 gems, 2 4* ascension mats, 3 4* mats, 2 energy flasks, 2 raid flasks, 1 titan flask, and some other things. I like all of the extra stuff and the gems would get you almost 4 full 10x pulls at 3000 gems each or enough for 4 10x at 2600. Overall I think it’s a good deal, people play this game differently. There’s F2P, C2P wh might splurge every once in awhile like me, and P2W who spend hundreds or thousands on this game

It looks like the Christmas heroes are going to be 5* Santa Claus, 5* Mother North and 4* Buddy. They all look really good in my opinion and I’m going after all 3 heroes. Also if you buy or going to buy gems the deals offer the best value obviously some more than others.

and all subject to change before release (well and after too, but that happens less often)

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Keep in mind they’re all VERY SLOW heroes

I’m not in beta but the pics I’ve seen both 5* are Slow and the 4* average mana speed.

Oh nvm just looked at the pics again, slow

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