Christmas Heroes Pull

I had 7 tokens. Mostly 3*. All Dupes. Grabbed the 19.99 offer and did a 10 pull with gems i also had saved and got Buddy and the Li Xiu who i still hadn’t gotten and have wanted!
I’m done. Maybe I’ll get the HOTM at some point this month. But honestly I’m not too worried right now. I have so much sitting on my bench needing to be leveled!

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Hahahaaa u will use it just for Christmas event then? lol poor Santa

Wow 2 Evelyn , nice 20 Character

They cost me $220, so they’d better be. Lol

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Expensive Evelyn lol

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18 tokens and nothing, not even rudolph.
This makes over 100 tokens without a single improvement.

I… i really don’t know what to do.

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Second ten pull :heart_eyes:


Lucky you :smile: 20 character

Wish us luck , I think I"m not a naughty girl, so Santa will gave me a good pull, lol

The end of Aegir is here… Evelyn is going to shred Aegir to pieces. And those near him…

Pulled Rigard, have all vanilla healers now but not exactly what I had in mind…

Used all my luck last month with Zim

Not only that. Both Mother north and Santa have better tank stat than him and have better special.

True. It doesn’t take much to be better than Aegir. He’s bad… kinda ok in offence but in defence he sure makes the cups disappear…

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I can’t say I have any trouble shredding Aegir to pieces without even using greens. But oh so jealous of all those who got Mother North and Evelyn… sigh.

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25 pulls. 15 epic hero tokens and a 10x pull. Got Rudolph and lots of 3 and 4* feeders. Pretty standard from my experience.

Tried another ten pull, got Rudolph, boldtusk, and kiril. The rest were 3* feeders. Happy enough with that, especially boldtusk who I’ve wanted for ages :slight_smile:

wow you guys extremely lucky did 60 pulls so far, only Rudolph X3 and some old 4* 3 * and no HOTM

Can xmas heroes be pulled in Atlantis portal ?

Nop you can’t, only atlantis and reg heroes :blush:

Used every saved gem I had + the 400 i bought i needed to get the last x10

From 44 Summons (3 Tokens, 1 Single, 4 x10)

Mostly Repeat 3* Heroes

Some Repeat 4* Heroes






Marjana and Evelyn!

I made a big sigh of relief when Evelyn finally popped out. Last thing I got and she and North were only reasons I was pulling.


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