Christmas Heroes Pull

16 x pulls and only Buddy and Rudolf… some 3* and a few 4* dupes like Colen.

The 5* seasonal chance is 0.9% which is meh…

Hoping for the HOTM honestly.

I might add the Christmas Seasonal pull goes for 36 days!

Ulmer, Brienne and Prisca.

Guess I was naughty this year :wink:


I got super lucky for once!

Had 12 epic hero tokens saved for the event and got:

  • 3 x Rudolf
  • duped Little John
  • duped Melendor
  • Mother North!
  • Evelyn!
  • some ■■■■■■ 3*

Can’t be happier!


The 2 5* I wanted… Well done to you.

12 token pulls and no Evelyn yet, but got Mother North!


Actually, it’s 0.6%!

Had 4 tokens saved up since Halloween. Got three normal 3* and Rudolph. I’m actually happy with this result. :grin:


100 pulls 3 Evelyn

No Santa no Mother north

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4 tokens - Mother North & Evelyn!!!


90 pulls and I got Santa, Elena, x2 Buddy and tons of feeders (including Rudolph). Sadly I did not get the HOTM yet…

13 tokens and a 10 pull

3 Rudolph
1 Santa
The Rest 3*’s

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ouch. i just went to pull 2 epic hero token for fun. haven’t actually tried for xmas event & got this. how does she compare against gregorian?

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Had four epic hero tokens saved, all duplicates: little John, prisca, Balthazar, and renfeld. You win some you lose some :slight_smile: will try a ten pull later, fingers crossed for that!

13 tokens and got 2 Rudolph 1 elkanen HOTM and some 3 - 4* feeders

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Did 8 tokens pull got some 3*'s, and 4*'s and one 3* Rudolph. Then I did a 10 X pull and some got 3*'s and 4*'s and three Rudolph. Unfortunately no 5*'s. Not very merry for me.

I used up all 10 of my epic hero tokens and my leftover gems (5300) and ended up with the entire Christmas event hero cast… but NO EVELYN! I ended up dropping some cash until I pulled 2 of them on a single 10x pull. I’m glad I got her, but she’s the last HoTM I’m going to spend money on.


Very well done. Now save for Avalon!

Mother North, 3x Rudolph, and Evelyn. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me!


Friar Tuck, belith, little john , buddy , colen, Azar,thats all from my free hero token, will update if Im doing my next pull, wish me luck

I got Santa Claus :grin::joy::rofl::smiley::smile::sweat_smile:

Mind you, I’m going to feel really dumb using him in August. I’m going to level him up for next Christmas!