Christmas Hero Idea/request


If you guys are trying to think of new hero ideas for Christmas or December I would highly recommend (begging really…) a penguin hero haha. If this is the wrong section to post in I appologize for that but it could be considered an idea right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or a 5* dark Krampus! Penguin idea is cool too though


Krampus would definitely be cool! Christmas special event hero maybe?


They do have Christmas plans…


How about the “Bad Santa” from “Futurama”?


Well darn…I’ll just have to wait for my penguin hero for a bit longer.

Lmao! A lot of those robots from that episode would be funny to see.


I used to play a ccg called blood brothers and they had a holiday card called Santa, Bringer of Death:


I have mentioned this in line before about some Christmas hero or monster possibilities. Such as: Frosty the Snowman… throws snowballs, Jack Frost… freezes opponent, Rudolf… blinding light emitted from his nose, ghost of Christmas past… life drain, old man winter… blizzard, Grinch… steals mana and health, Santa… healer and increase health over several turns, wise man… boosts all offensive stats off allies, Kevin McCallister… makes opponent forget their turn, Jimmy Stewart… creates a miracle such as bring back to life, create full mana, or something similar.

I have tons of them if you want more. Or just for heroes and monsters in general.


BRATacus, please, please, please I want!

You have an amazing mind, thanks for the pleasure and “Whack On The Side of the Head” jump start for my brain. :smile:


Omg Krampas would be so cool! The old German tale!!! Or a rabid raindeer snowman oh a crazy looking elf with red eyes!!!