Christmas Hero Grades - Anchor 7DD (mother north, Santa, buddy, Rudolph)

Same thing. Let’s start the discussion on the heroes. Your thoughts or opinions and I will release final video with coverage of the heroes on this page. I’m going to make one video of all of them, possible without Rudolph.

First initial thoughts
Mother north:

If you didn’t get Alby, now is your chance. Obvious comparison between the two. She’s going to be annoying to deal with on defense and she’s going to save your butt on offense more times than you’ll give her credit for. Definitely a great hero.


My first thought is will be useful like a reverse Ares, oddly enough is tanky with health and defense. Issue being he is slow. I think SG tried to bring slow tanks back we will see how it holds up. I can see him being great on offense as well as titans


Intermediate players dream. Prob one of the best 4*s they have ever made and super important for blue titans. Might make defense on intermediate but will be used on titans/war even at high levels of play


Will be great for the events. I can see beginner players getting use out of him. Decent 3* for sure.


Mother North: B
Slow. Not a tank. Special is wasted there. Not going to boost freshly resurrected heroes like Alby, but will bring them back more often. Possible corner hero. Risky flank. Would only be there to bring back a tank. Will do well in events and open world.

Santa: B-
Definitely a tank, but slow. Very nice combo debuff. However, easily countered by Kiril who also happens to be from his weak color. Everyone has Kiril. He’s not going to be scary at all. More minions. Will still take a back seat to Wilbur on titans.

Buddy: A
Agreed, one of the best 4 stars. Filling in with Ramming Pulverizer++ in Green, with stats tanky enough to survive a bigger titan. Can tank for intermediate levels, also a great attacker. He makes top 5 for 4 stars with Wu, Hansel, Wilbur, and Proteus.

Rudolph: idk he’s a 3 star.



  • Between Evelyn & Mother North, which would you level first?
  • Will a revived ally gain a minion too on revival?
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Might be a lot to ask but have you considered making a video or written comparison for:

Alby VS North
Evelyn vs Lianna/Greg

similar to the Gregorion vs Lianna video from like 4/5months ago? I think a lot of people would appreciate one

camping for updates. but i wonder how evelyn compare against gregorian?

im trying to come up with grading to reflect that.

alby vs north will be talked about. Issue is i have about 12 minutes of retention time on videos and a ton of information to get in.

eveyln is way different than both of those heroes.

Those types of discussions are def better for a live stream because it is more situational.


Thanks! Glad to know!

Yep, after revive they get a minion immediately, but no heal.


Got them…cold Mother and Eve. Both 1\1
Problem: Lianna and Greg at 70 and exactly 6 tonics.
Whom to Level to 80 first. My thought: Greg and Lianna stay. Eve to 70 and Northy to 80. Right???
…i have one Lianna at 80. So my 2nd green then.


i wonder about Evelyn, Zeline and Alby…who gets the gatorades?

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The odds of getting a 3* vs anything else are disclaimed now.

image image

So, I understand saying its not worth it, but can really say we’re being ripped off now that SG is being fair enough to show the odds?

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Well that explains it.Im not spending any gems that I pay real money for on something that takes up to 40 to 100+ times to get. Believe me I’m not the only one that has this complaint.Anyway thank you for showing the screen shots.That is fair considering I don’t have to waste my money on it anymore.

Who is Alby, I don’t see this hero anywhere ?

Alby is Alberich is a HoTM. Potential Atlantis pull in August.

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Don’t you guys think the little buddy is overpowered, stats almost like a 5*, in fact his max stats are greater than almost most 5* heroes. in fact I got him on a single pull and I’m very happy. I still have kashhrek 1/1 thou.

Attack stat of 531 is in no way anywhere near 5* levels. That makes him balance imo. Good hero still.

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No he’s not. He doesn’t really hurt you. He helps others hurt you. And he helps stop you from hurting him. He fills in a big need on blue titans, providing the defense debuff. I’m guessing they gave him the stats to survive those higher titans while making him much more accessible than if he was a 5 star.

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Santa: B/B/B overall: B
MN: B/B/A overall B
Buddy: A/A/B overall A(or A/B/B overall B)
Rudolf: Idc

Thank you sire great hero !

i pulled all 3 stars x 10 can’t be as bad as me. before that i did get evelyn on 2nd hero token though. i had rudolph & buddy though.

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