Christmas gift for alliance members

Didn’t we get an offer last Christmas where we could give all our alliance members a present? I seem to remember it was like the Valentine’s Day gift.

Does anyone remember when it appeared?


It may be coming on Christmas Day?

Relax Princess :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not even Christmas yet… just the first week of December.


:grin: Christmas is coming :grin:


Bah Humbug!


No, the Valentines’ offer was the first offer of this kind, If I remember it. A second one came after the Valentines’ one. Or am I wrong?


You’re right, @Ituri, Valentine’s was the first one, followed by Share the Gems in July.

There wasn’t one for Christmas last year, but it’s certainly possible there could be this year.


Yeah, I remember it well! I got some pretty great gifts from that one! I don’t know if they’ll do it again this year but with all the cash laid out by my ALLIANCE I would think they would!

It would be a good idea.


I really hope they do this the July one was my first and it’s a great way to show love to your alliance and see some love back.

really hope they do it this time of the year - it’s the best time to do it! :slight_smile:

Devs did say they hoped to make it three or four times per year… Xmas makes sense

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I didn’t remember that, the only place I remembered it being discussed was the AMA (below).

Do you remember where that was posted?

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I don’t remember where - but thanks for posting this refresher. Rereading it, my recollection may well be of the discussion of the AMA rather than the actual words from devs, however the quotes you just posted do indicate “more than once a year” and “shame to wait 12 months”… so either it’s Feb/July only; or a third time is possible and Xmas still makes the most sense if so.

However we didn’t see an autumn version so possibly a three month / 4x annual offering is off the table.

I would HOPE that in the season of giving they’d allow their self described “one universally positively received” promo to run. But who knows, I also think giving Rudolph a red nose was a no brainer.


I’d love to shower gifts on my alliance mates.

Santa coming through! :boom: :gift: boom :gift: :boom: bap :boom: :gift: bomf :gift: :boom:

Get wrecked!


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