Christmas game mechanics not consistent

Hi guys,

Probably the wrong spot so shuffle me where I belong but…

When you make a 4 or 5 tile combo (dragon or gem) with an iced tile as the initiator (spun tile) it doesn’t actually form the dragon or gem. However, if an iced tile is part of the 4-5 tile combo but not the initiator it will make a dragon or gem.

I’m thinking this is a problem in the coding as it’s not consistent with scenarios where iced tiles are part of the combo but not the spun tile. Can we get this fixed?

Cheers and happy holidays!

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It is totally intended and it’s like this from the winter event we had the last year.

Personally i like this mechanism, adds a little difficulty on the event and force you to reconsider some obvious choices sometimes.

Funny. (But i want winter theme song again :disappointed_relieved:)


Just consider it as unfreezing the gem.

The unfrozen gem that initiates would be considered as borrowing from the frozen one. :slight_smile:

I also registered that sometimes you got the special gems (dragon/diamond) by combining iced with non-iced tiles and sometimes not.
Also don’t understand the mechanics. What is the trigger to get the special ones with iced tiles?

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If you spin an iced tile to make the special (dragon or gem) it will not happen but if you spin an uniced tile into iced ones you will get the special.

It’s negating the special depending on the spun tile only and disregarding whether or not any or all the other tiles are iced.

This doesn’t seem intended as there really shouldn’t be a different action for a special made with an iced tile just because it is spun.

It is intended, this topic was covered in beta.

agreed with elpis last year music was really nicer
loved the guitar

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