Christmas family

Really, minion boost as a family boost?!?!? If you look any other family bonus you get mana, att, def, dodge etc and Santa’s Family just get some boost to minions.

Thanks for the frustration.

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They all summon minions, so why would it be so bad that the minions are now stronger? In a way it is like a health boost as you are increasing the “meat shields.”

(Grimble says nom nom nom!)


Carol doesn’t, which is an odd design choice when the rest of the family summons minions.


I think this is actually a really great family bonus, which almost everyone is underestimating, but I am really excited that MN revives my heroes now with bigger HP on minions than before.

In a way yes but if the familybonus would be def/hp for heroes, it would give more hp to minions too but would keep the heroes heavier. 10% att boost for a minion is a minor tweak as they do 10-15dmg and now with extra 10% it’s 11-16. If you compare to other event families that minion boost is nothing (Springvale +20% att, Pirates +15att/+12%mana etc) But hey, everyone enjoys different things, I just hoped the Christmas Family would have got a familybonus which would be more beneficial.


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