Christmas Family - Is a Reasonable 5* Defense Team Possible?

Have the odd position of having all three Christmas 5* heroes.

I love the idea of mega minions but for the life of me cannot see how those three could combine to form an intimidating defense due to MN and Santa both being slow. Santa’s special is also one that I find underwhelming when battling against him which is why he has been at 3-70 for two years now.

My mana speed buffer is Sif which would leave the team extremely passive no matter which hero takes the fifth spot. Synergies with Freya are obvious if looking at the minions, would that be enough to make the minions actually KILL an attacker (assuming 5* with emblems in high Diamond)? I have my doubts.

MN’s heal is low because she is the #1 Rezzer so team needs the minions healing which should come pretty quickly from Krampus assuming he tanks (only works at tank, or should Santa sit in the middle?)

MN - Sif - Santa - Krampus - Freya

Boat load of minions and a lot of HP on the field. Not much attacking power at all.

Happy to hear flights of fancy, what do you think would be a way to optimize these three on defense? Objective here is to use all three because of the family bonus.

I haven’t found a combination I find scary.

MN - Sif - Santa - Krampus - GM ?

I can’t see MN and Santa being effective without a mana boost. Hel/Proteus/Telly/Mist all destroy slow heroes, even Mitsuko, Li Xiu, Chao, etc.

This is a stall team aiming to run the timer down but a Hel / Proteus combo should beat it easily.


They are viable, but only on very fast raid tourneys and wars.

I personally don’t find Santa a particularly challenging tank. Krampus OTOH is a blue BK and would intimidate me. I’d use Krampus and MN and not worry about Santa.

PS Happy Cake Day :cake:


Thank you.

This is the first time I can have a maxed family bonus in any 5* and was trying to figure out how to arrange something that takes advantage of it. I came to the conclusion that it is beyond me and was hoping someone creative would spot a way to form an intimidating defense using those three.

Being so short of rings (and emblems) it would need to be a very special line-up to lead me to give Santa anything more than he already has but thought it could be a “fun” challenge.

I LIKE the Christmas family bonus because it really makes the minions legit bulky and with Freya some reasonable damage could be done but I don’t think enough damage to make it viable.

I agree, I find Santa is generally poor. Three turns effect on slow mana really doesn’t threaten much. Sif may be enough to make him viable because she sure does help MN (on offensive raid team MN can fire frequently as soon as there is a ghosting gap, I’ve become complacent about letting heroes get killed because she revives so well. Need to tighten up and stop playing sloppily).

Thing is it is Sif that makes the difference for MN and possibly Santa, she unlocks potential. I sing her praises to all that will listen (my singing voice is TERRIBLE). I think it was @Guvnor that showed the early, effusive Sif love and inspired me to level her as soon as she joined.

Santa needs help and it revolves around his speed. Krampus is legit. MN is fantastic and with a bit of help on mana speed she too is legit (at slow speed I think she would be benched in favor of a faster, higher percentage healer, focus on not dying rather than resurrecting)


I don’t have Santa but I will be using a similar defense set up. Recently pulled Krampus, Freya and Gefjon and will be planning on running this defense soon…

Mother North - Sif - Krampus - Freya - Gefjon

Anti minion heroes like Skadi, Noor, Grimble, etc. might make easy work of this team but attacking w/o some anti-minion hero might be a tough task.

I’ve been testing this team with a Freya at 4-60 and Krampus at 3-35 and already the minions are no joke.

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Happy to have found this team while raiding. CLEARLY Krampus needs to tank.

I had an above average board but Santa makes an awful tank and he kept Krampus from firing until Santa was almost dead (died at the end of the turn Krampus fired, ironically, Santa burned to death).

I would be tempted to build a team much like this one so good to see it is not a solution before spending the mats.

In spite of the setup errors, it should have been a closer battle with the board I had.

Also, color: If Krampus tanks and Santa flanks it means a green stack vs tank is weak vs flank. This setup above encourages blue stack vs tank.

It also shows how a slow hero MUST do something special to be on the defense. If Santa tanks the flanks must be faster and deadly. The family bonus on the xmas heroes makes for huge minions, need to get them building as soon as possible.

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Mother North - Santa - Krampus - Odin - Seshat

Odin is there to speed things up for slower left side
Seshat will profit from minions as well and bring dispell.
Santa will do deff down for Odin to hit harder - similar to Frigg Odin combo
Mother North revives everything back :slight_smile:

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Something along those lines looks right. Must have a mana booster, Odin would be ideal.
Toying with the idea of Freya with that bunch because the minions would be stout AND hit hard. With enough of them the vulnerability becomes Skadi and perhaps even the maligned Grimble. Krampus is key to stopping them. Freya would not overwrite Krampus’s defense boost but would give a fast speed +30% to the rest of the team.
Minions=constant DoT
MN may fire once from the corner, Santa twice and Krampus multiple times so could work…

Freya would fit perfectly as well, yes.

So maybe instead Seshat, you field Freya, both dark and fast!

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