Christmas Event incomplete without the Grinch

The Christmas Event is missing a Hero. The Grinch! Since he’s chaotic, he’d be the first Dark Hero in the event. (Surprised Krampus wasn’t. He IS a demon) His special would be similar to Lord Loki, as he’d steal a target’s attack, but he reverses it. If it’s heal it becomes damage and vice versa.
Was late in designing him, but figure if y’all like the idea, y’all have time to Beta test him for next year maybe?
Suggestions? Comments? What do you think?..

I like it! Unfortunately the Grinch is almost certainly copyright protected… Great idea, though.


How about Scrooge instead? He’s from Dickens so probably not under copyright.

The original character is a miser. Maybe he could steal mana from all enemies & cast Ghost of Christmas Past fiends


I overheard a rumour of 2 more Christmas heros added near the last 10 days. Wonder the likelihood? Could make us crazy!!! lol

The Grinch would steal everything from you. Defense down, mana degen, attack down, HP drain, buff counter reduction and your paycheck.

Scrooge would be like Rumplestiltskin or Malicna, and gives a 1 of 3 effects to all enemies:
Christmas Past – 150% riposte counterattack
Christmas Present – 280% direct damage
Christmas Future – after 3 turns, it hits will reflect damaged received from attacks by 200%


Awesome Sauce! Great idea @DEATHsHEAD we do need a dark and holy hero for the annual event! Make it a super Loki… steal everything from all enemies and fire their specials. Imagine a Taunting, D-Dropping 300% to all, healer! Ha! We need this hero now!


I dont know where did you hear that but there is nothing in beta that would indicate that. Yes SG has a tendency of skipping beta a few times but i dont remember them skipping beta in case of hero releases. The upcoming V45 patch will probably come in January and till then i dont think that a new feature would be added to beta and even if it does it wouldnt get to the live game before the Christmas event finishes so i wouldnt have high hopes for new Christmas heroes.


As far as this idea goes i think SG intended Krampus as the antagonistic anti-happiness hero, just look at his artwork and the names of his specials.


Maybe, but the Krampus costume makes him look… :thinking: cartoonishly cute?


Tried to make differences. Mine has been working out and all buffed, has boots and pants on too , and doesn’t exactly look like cartoon or Jim Carey’s version. Name would be just 'Grinch", not “The Grinch”. They made Frosty and Rudolph like that, so… worth a try.

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Interesting point about the copyrights… “Frosty the Snowman” the song is from 1950, Rudolph from 1939. They are presumably still in copyright. (Probably the reason that our Rudolph has no red nose, actually.)


I checked, the Grinch is definitely in copyright. Dr. Seuss died in 1996. So a Grinch in this game seems very unlikely – unless @DEATHsHEAD you’re right & making the character look different wd work. I’m assuming the name itself is protected since there was no such word AFAIK before Dr. Seuss. Idk if “grinch” has become a dictionary word, that might mean it’s useable.

Interesting about Rudolph, @mpolo I just looked him up, the song is copyrighted through 2034 & “Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer” is trademarked. Sounds like you hit it on the nose! (Ouch!)

“Frosty” obv is a dictionary word, though used as a name.

(No, I’m not a lawyer, though I probably should have been.)

I love the 3 options for Scrooge & the “steals everything” idea. But he’s gotta make minions (or fiends), too! Maybe he cd also steal all minions? :sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile::laughing::boom:

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The word Grinch is in the dictionary. Also of note… Grinch was used by a writer years before Dr. Seuss. Originally Grinch was depicted being the color white, but the cartoonist changed him to green.
There’s a lot of information about Grinch I’ve never known. (He’s actually a Who)


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