Christmas Event Help?

Been running my standard rainbow team(Wu Kong/Rigard/Zimitha/Isarnia/Melendor) through the Event, hit a brick wall on Advanced Level 14.
I could probably keep beating at it with expensive items and gems, but the rewards don’t seem worth the possible expense. This is my first event, am I missing something?

I brought bombs and axes. I also brought timestop in dealing with Mother North.

What other heroes do you have? I’d try and work in a fast sniper or two if you can

My advice, double up on red and holy/purple and have a single purple/holy hero. Running ice and nature heroes wasn’t too helpful for me. !


Here is the team I used to complete the advanced stages and below is a link to the video of me beating the final stage of the Christmas event. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. The video itself is almost 10 minutes long, but the boss fight started at around the four minute mark (which shows you how tough the three bosses were).

P.S. take out mother north first, otherwise you’re screwed.

Other heroes? Here’s my lineup.
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@King_Kyree77 Great video! Unfortunately my team is nowhere near your level.

I probably used the “wrong” team but I found I had a fairly easy time getting up to level 13. I don’t know how far I’ll push it though.

I used Marjana, Grimm, Rigard, Magni and Lianna. I doubled up on blue to take out the reds?

I used arrows, healing potions, axes or dragon attacks (just on the bosses).

Yes, definately take out Mother North first. I simply hit her with all the battle items and she was gone.


nice video. I will have to try with what I got.

Do you think Drake @70 or 2 Drakes @ 70 would work? don’t have deliliah but do have a maxed Joon too.

Also, I only have Victor at 60 but 2x Natalya at 70

Do you think Wilbur or Wu would make a huge difference?


Wilbur and Natalya will take you far, but do you have ZimKitty? If you don’t, Santa and buddy will eat you alive. You also need a way to stall Mother North because she is the one to beat. If you don’t take her out first, you’ll be there FOREVER until you lose.


In hindsight I’d color stack with 3 purple / 2 red or 2 purple / 2 red / and Wu Kong or Tarlak. The important part is to have Proteus, Hel or Merlin as part of the purples. Proteus is probably the one people are more likely to have. If you charge up Proteus / Hel going into the boss stage you can freeze their mana generation and kill them off relatively easily. Merlin can do more or less the same thing but to only one target at a time. The red color stack is important because that color is either neutral or strong to all enemy bosses in the challenge.

Regardless of which way you go, pack tornadoes / revive scrolls in case you need them. You don’t actually need antidotes despite the recommendation you see on the cheat sheets for the event. The debuffs from Santa & co. are remedied by a dragon banner or equivalent buff from a hero’s SS.

Santa’s Challenge - Stage 18 Advanced

Santa’s Challenge - Stage 24 Advanced

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I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but you might just not have a strong enough team. I ran in to a similar problem the first time Grimforest was released. I just didn’t have hard enough hitters to take out Red Hood in the last level of legendary before her minions healed everyone. The good news is that you have time to improve your team with this really long event.

My first advice would be to level Proteus ASAP. His mana control will be invaluable. Also, your team as constructed relies too much on tile damage. With Wu Kong and two healers, you’re just going to have to keep sending tiles in to the bosses, which charges their mana.

So, here’s what I would do. Level Proteus and a fast, single target hitter. I love Magni, but blue isn’t a great color for this event, so maybe Marjana. Caedmon could be a good choice too. Take mana potions, dragon attacks, bomb attacks, and axe attacks. Before going in to the boss battle, make sure the mana of all your heroes is full. Fire every single dragon/bomb/axe at the bosses and use mana potions to refill Proteus to keep the bosses from gaining mana


I took out the 23 stages without much trouble but on 24 I wasn’t even close to winning.
I used Magni, Marjana, Joon, Gregorion and Rigard for healing.

Items: Revive scroll, mana potions 2x 5 and tornado…

I have no heroes that slow down mana (except Little John but he is too weak anyway) but I could use time stops on next try

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If you just want to finish I would suggest damage dealing items. I threw bombs, dragon attacks, and axes at them to start.

Make sure everyone is full mana going in. Take out mother north first then you should be able to chip off the other 2.

I used Wilbur Joon Khiona Lianna Rigard. I didn’t use Wilburs special against the bosses. Looking back I could have changed him out. But I still made it without to much trouble.

You don’t need high level heroes. A 2900 power team has served me well, BUT this is what I think is necessary.

1 guy that buffs attack
1 guy that heals
1 guy that lowers defense
The rest should probably be your strongest attackers.

My items always consist of the cheapest heals, antidotes, cheapest mana, and then a banner.

For the last level with 3 baddies, I go with mana potions and 3 different attack items. With this set up, you just need to survive until the last round. Unload your items and they are basically dead without making a turn.

Thanks. It worked with damage items.
Same team and for the rest axes bombs and dragon attacks. Didn’t even have to use the mana potions.

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Do you throw all the weapons out at the beginning? or one by one?

That totally depends on your lineup.

Axes, bombs, dragon attacks and 5 timestops?

After 1-st dragon attack pummel them with tiles, timestop, dragon attacks, pummel with tiles, timestop…

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I used them all at once then using specials of all charged heroes (4) on Mother North and she was gone.

The rest was easy, only buddy was able to use his special just once but I had Rigard still charged so that wasnt a problem at all.


Ok thanx for the tips @Yana00 and @JoyDivision

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