Christmas event feedback

Love the snow, the lights, the heroes and the event in general. I like the daily deals and the ascension materials. So there’s a lot to like! AND…

I absolutely hate the shielded gems. There’s very little strategy to any of it, there’s almost no combos possible and otherwise it’s just mindlessly sending random gems downrange and making sure your guys don’t die. I’ve been largely running as much as possible on auto because it’s exactly the same as me doing it manually. Generally I would never do this on any levels that matter, but it seriously doesn’t make a difference if I match the gems or the computer does it, the result is the same.

The bombs from the other events: fun and meaningful how I match the gems. I can strategize which matches to make to get rid of the most bombs and send the most gems downrange with each move. With the shield gems there’s so many that it’s impossible to make any strategic moves to force big combos or build up bigger gems, and even if you do it doesn’t make a big combo since the shielded gems don’t make matches.

Please don’t use the shielded gems again, it’s not fun at all. 0\10 And I still have 7 excruciating levels on advanced that I’m not looking forward to. :frowning:

edit: Finished Advanced. I feel like I succeeded in spite of being handicapped and I’m guessing a lot of people give up out of frustration, especially on the last 2 levels. My strategy was to keep the proteus buff up 100% of the time. Don’t have proteus? Good luck! I had to retry the level 3 times. The first time I used Hansel, but I couldn’t keep the buff activated long enough because I had so much trouble sending enough gems at the target (shields are dumb!). Second time proteus got one shot. 500 damage x 2 from auto attacks. Third time I switched to using my 3\70 Vivica for the defense boost and got better gems. I ended up using Vivica, Guardian Falcon, Boldtusk, Proteus and Isarnia. The idea is to stack the defense debuffs + attack buff, keep proteus up 100% and send as many red gems as possible. For items I used Medium and large mana flask, time stops (didn’t use) and dragon banners (used one I think, but really I could have just used mana pots instead).


Yes the ice tiles are awful. It slows the game down so much I’m actually dreading when I have flags to use. It is so painful to watch a single tile go up.


I personally liked the fact that there were ice shields, though I had enough resources and strong enough team that they didn’t impact me quite so hard. If your team power isn’t high enough (which means your heroes are more fragile) then I understand the pain/annoyance. Just goes to show that this game is being geared towards the already powerful or the spenders willing to buy bombs and other items as well as spending their gems to get more resources.

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Those ice shields definetly make the game slower. I wish they would give you some mana or something like that when you break them. That would have been fun.


i really do hate those ice shield. Very little to no combo, drag the game to painfully slow and almost identical, but worse than a permanent bad board.


I knew it felt different but couldn’t put my finger on it! You’re absolutely right–no combos. So basically you’re one-hitting everything.

Agreed, way less fun than the pumpkin bombs.


My main team is 4100. I have a pretty deep bench. Still feels like I’m chopping wood with a butter knife. Half o the time I’m doing zero damage because a large portion of the board is shielded.

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The frozen blocks were a PITA! I would match up a row and literally see 1 sad little tile launch itself to my target. My partner gave me the eyebrow when I cursed at my phone. It happened a lot.


you can combo. I generate a number of diamonds. My last battle had two on the board at the same time and I believe 4 in total.

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First of all I’m going to say I think the 5 gem matches are broken in some way depending on where the ice shield is in the combo. I know if you have 5 in a straight line and any of them have a shield it won’t make a crystal. But I’ve had varying results with L shaped matches. Some times I get a crystal and others I don’t. I haven’t figured out why sometimes it works and others it doesn’t. With 4 in a row it never makes the special gem.

The point was that because of the shields blocking gems, big combos are a lot less likely, and even if you have a 5 match crystal gem the only thing it does to shielded gems is remove the shield.

So we spend most of the time just beating our heads against a wall trying to get the level done.

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I noticed that—unlike other games, where you cannot move ice tiles at all—the E&P Christmas event levels gave me tiles I could shift. Locked tiles meant I had to use them in combo before I could get rid of them, but I wasn’t stuck with nonshifting tiles on the field.

If that had been the case I think I wouldn’t have even bothered to play any of the event levels. It’s not supposed to be a chore.

You misunderstand me; I’m saying that this frozen tile is easier than every other frozen (or locked or chained or stone) tile I’ve ever played in any other match-3 game.

Easier, not harder. :slight_smile:

Hmm that is a good point, but I think my frustration still stands where despite unfreezing that frozen block the tile didn’t fire. It just stays put. Super annoying!

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If you connect 5 by moving regular tile, it makes a diamond.
If you connect 5 by moving frozen tile, it doesn’t.


I find that the frozen tiles are indeed a pain, but it makes this special quest unique and more challenging, so I don’t mind overall. The extra time required is more problematic to play at work, though :slight_smile:

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