Christmas Day Prognostication

On the calendar presented when we login each day, Christmas Day is lit up like a proper Christmas Tree.

Was anyone around for Christmas 2017? What did they do then? What could we expect this time around?

Please say it’s some 4* or 5* Seasonal Hero. :smile:

Everyone gets a free roll. .6% chance for the opportunity at any past HOTM which has a .19% chance of producing said HOTM.

Honestly, a great gift.

Here’s last year’s data:

I would say it’s pretty unlikely that SGG would give away a seasonal hero.


Looks like these two lines are the ones I was curious about:

24- tokens = summon, epic troop, epic hero [free Sunday]
25 to 30- 500 g + 2x Epic Troop tokens = $5 in stock 3

((EDIT: The following sentence is inaccurate)) They blocked the entire Christmas week off last year, while it’s day-by-day this year.

Looks like, if history repeats, we can hope for an Epic Troop Token and Epic Hero Token. Maybe 2 Epic Troops.

Cool! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait for all the “I got a joke 3* rip off from greedy SG again” posts on Christmas morning :wink:

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You’re welcome. It’s not day-by-day this year either, I’m afraid. The 25th is free, then 26-31 is a block offer.

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I’m more curious about what the offer on 12/26-12/30 will be. It’s the same for a week. I feels there’s gonna be a nice offer there.

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Last year’s offer was just some troop tokens. See link posted a few posts upthread to data.

And the depressing thing is, even if you but them all and use them, you’ve still got a 23% chance of coming away with no 4* troops. It’s kind of a meh offer IMO. At 4xTroop tokens per day, you’d have a 95% chance of pulling a 4* troop for buying out the week. That would impress me a bit more.

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