Christmas Day Alliance Wars

Yes, exactly. 20 chars


Thanks again @General_Confusion

Okay, makes sense, however if the whole alliance opted out of war, does the war chest reset or continue from where left off?

Continue where it left off without dockin anyone for not participating in the war


@Rigs, so is it better for the Leader to opt out of alliance wars in settings, being an international team, some members are sleeping right now, and won’t get the option to opt out before matchmaking, will the chest still continue or reset in that case.

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War cancelled in my alliance!
For me that’s good! As don’t get see family n friends much ain’t seen my sister since last Christmas! We live so far apart even in England!
Going out xmas eve with others I ain’t seen in years! Gonna take stuff, been clean 3 years! Be a fun xmas for me! With out worrying about war! :heart::hotdog::beers::beer::man_dancing:t5:


If u have a bunch not wantin to war then yea opting whole alliance out before matchmaking is probly the way to go and no wont reset chest

There is only 1 way to lose your chest and that is going to another alliance and participating in their war

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If the leader opts the entire alliance out, for sure there is no penalty and you will continue from where you left off. I’m not sure what happens if everyone in an alliance opts out individually.

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Oh ok i didnt catch the individual part

I don’t think they said individually, so you are good. But on a facebook group it became clear that some leaders didn’t know they could opt out the entire alliance, so I thought I would be specific.

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Kinda worrying that leaders don’t know that option! :woman_shrugging:
I would advise them to use this forum!
But then do we need a “merge” on threads on every topic they may bring?

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I prefer to wake up to the chaos on thursday personally

Lol jk


Haha yeah! Waiting for the backlash for the free Christmas Day free thang they give!!

I agree with @General_Confusion, I’m sure that there are leaders who don’t know…

My alliance opted out of the war on Christmas.

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