Christmas creepers have fun this war!

We from fighting demons wish you merry Christmas and nice war.

This is what you may expect…

Let this war be joyfull . Fighting demons aka red green Christmas army

I like these views… :rofl:

We seem to like Christmas too…


Please let us know how your war goes!


Well done on the Christmas theme!


My alliance has done the same!


We will loose… they have their strongest rainbow teams… pity. But we’re happy!


We and our opponents are doing the same and having merry Christmas war with reds and greens only.

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Yeah the Russian team we’re fighting responded to our red/green holiday challenge (written in Russian) “we will fight and crush you, silly Japanese team” - our language was set to Japanese - and they came in full rainbow teams with several over 4500… so yeah, our 4xRudolph+Santa teams will be crushed.

But whatever. They’re lame and boring and lack sportsmanship. Their win will give them the points but be hollow and embarassing. … and if somehow they lose… oh my, humiliating.



@Halifax, seriously hilarious stuff!! I wish I could like it more than once.

P.S Thanks for the excellent idea also :+1:


Lol. Happy Christmas war is over… This Christmas we gave you our heart but the very same day you gave it away…

We can still reach 6k without any strategy… hey… it’s Christmas… but we lost… :rofl: At least WE enjoyed it. They apologized and we’re coping with it. :smiley:


We’re on track to win again even with the Christmas themed defences!


Please don’t write “we” in capital letters. My E&P brain read “WE” as world energy so I spent a few seconds wondering what world energy has to do with a war :joy:

I don’t think this is the right attitude. We must understand that EnP is an international game played by people from all kind of faiths and cultures, hence everyone’s point of view should be respected. We cannot force our beliefs onto someone else and expect them to follow it.

For example, if someone told me to put green and red teams I would have had no idea about its significance because I can’t relate to it being from a different faith, but I might still go for it if it made someone else happy. But if I don’t that would also be my choice and I don’t become lame or boring. Similarly, most of Russia and other east European countries have a large percentage of Orthodox Christians, who celebrate Christmas on the 7th of Jan, so they might not be adhering to 25th December as Christmas, so they have no obligations to do so.

As humans, it is important for us to be aware of different faiths and cultures. We should not belittle someone just because they might not confirm to what another person belief, because at the end of the day these things are personal in nature and none of it is universal and need not be followed by everyone.

Anyway, enjoy your holidays. :slight_smile:


So everyone’s point of view should be respected by everyone except you can feel free to not respect mine? Cool point.

Faith has nothing to do with our challenge. THE GAME indicates that Xmas - IN THE GAME - happens on the 25th. It’s in the calendar and all aspects of the seasonal event revolve around Santa and Rudolph and the 25th of December.

So the internal logic of the game made the cal on the dates, not me.

We offered a fun alternative to normal game play inspired by the season, with simple to understand rules - they not only declined, but rejected aggressively.

If someone slaps you and challenges you to a duel, you don’t have to fight. If someone says “fistfight at noon” and you bring a sniper rifle at 1130 and kill him, you win. But you lack any sort of sportsmanship or sense of fair play. In life and death or real war - makes sense. In a game, it’s poor form.

I can tell you for sure if a Russian team msgd is on Jan6 to fight Blue and Red defence only - we’d do it in a heart beat.

So get outa here with projecting your hypocritical judgemental attitude upon me, while doing exactly the same thing you’re critiquing me for. Smhohoho

Funny how you conveniently left out the phrase belittle in his reply. The way he responded to your rude post without belittling you was the respect you were asking for. Apparently, that word is not something you feel is two sided, but he did show you respect throughout his paragraph.

Is it funny? I’m struggling to see that Because I didn’t belittle “someone”. If I did, I’m truly sorry - so feel free to name the person and I will send them $10 in gems to apologize…

But If you can’t name the “someone” you’re saying I belittled… then you’re making stuff up.

Calling people lame and boring is belittling,like seriously? Trust me I’m no where near nice as him but then again I forgot this is coming from a mono only player so I should not be even wasting my breath. Carry on.

Really? We’re not allowed to use those terms to describe actions of generic unnamed people? Do you really want that? Are you going to scour the forums for posters being critical about anything because it may apply to someone somewhere?

Again, getoutahere

Just this paragraph itself tells me that you didn’t understand a word I said. You are the only one who insulted a group of players for not following what you thought was the right thing to do and I simply gave you a reasonable and logical explanation as to why someone is free not to follow it. But instead you are insulting me. Wow.

Respect is something that should be earned through good intelligence, masterful skills, good nature and kind actions. It cannot be acquired through aggression.

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I was showing you what he took offense too, your words really mean nothing to me I promise you that lol. Hope you have a safe holiday season.

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You’re not respecting my view that if challenged in a game, you decline politely or accept - that’s sportsmanship - declining aggressively is not. It’s lame and makes the game same-same - which is boring.

And you want me to respect that, but don’t respect my right to be critical of it.

And you further feel entitled to interject your critical opinion of me, but reject my critical opinion of you.

Basic, overt, clear hypocrisy.

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