Christmas / Boxing Day Sale

I can only remember a deal I saw near the end of last december can’t remember which day, it was 12500 gems + a ring and other ascending items for the price of 10k gems normally.

@Gryphonknight you had that great raw data post on the Winter 2017 deals. Any chance you remember a special deal from Dec 2017 on VIP?

VIP Pass was introduced in February/March of 2018 so there were no Vip deals last Christmas


What do you think this chances are they put them on sale? Forgot what hey did at Black Friday but don’t recall VIP on sale

VIP was never on sale and I really doubt they’re ever gonna do it.

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There was no Boxing Day Sale. And I doubt there will be one.

Talking Bollocks. Europe much larger!! UK especially…

I’m not taking bollocks chap

UK is about as big as New York ye?

==Holiday Pass Sale==


1.10 Release Notes-

==Second Builder and Annual VIP Pass==

If you are getting the VIP Pass mainly for the second builder, buy the 30 day VIP pass until you have max level buildings ( do not forget to level the building under your Barracks ).


Stupid forum bot. Of course it is similar to something I just posted, I hit the wrong key.

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I’m getting the pass for the second builder and the gems. I don’t have any 5 star hero’s yet. Hoping to get one with the gems. I am far from maxing my building that’s why I want a second builder. So you still recommend I get the monthly vs the year one. You do get 2 free months by getting the year one. I was hoping the pet dragon would do more but heard it was useless. Thanks for your advice

Is Boxing Day more celebrated or important than Christmas where it is celebrated?

==VIP Pass, Challenge event offer, Atlantis offer==

The gems from annual VIP Pass are a good deal. But. It depends on your budget:

There is also the Atlantis coin offer 400 gems + 25 Atlantis coins for $1.99 USD x4 ( I am not sure, but I think it is x4 ) once a month.

While I personally, have the annual VIP Pass and buy the Challenge event deals ( 200 gems for $0.99 USD x5 ) your goals and budge will differ.

==5* Heroes==

For 327 days, I have been spending 30+ gems per day on summons, for 270+ days I have been running Legendary training in one camp and I still don’t have a good rainbow 5* team to level.

But I have gotten Hansel, Guardian Jackal, Peters, Valeria, and many must have Classic 4* heroes ( Wu Kong, Rigard, Grimm, Melendor, Boldtusk, Kiril, etc. ).

Rainbow 4* 3.60/ 4* 4.70 teams really are the core / back bone of Empires so I would not worry about 5* Heroes until you have four rainbow 4* 3.60 teams ( 20 heroes ) and two rainbow 4* 4.70 teams ( 10 heroes ) for a total of six rainbow teams ( 30 heroes ) so you have a good roster for war and the upcoming Class update.

Its also a Candadia thing.

So both the Brits and the Maple leaves have it but we don’t …hmmm…Must be related to the metric system.

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Looks like the Devs already had a similar idea:

Offer, Presents from Rudolph ( 30d VIP & 400g ) (linky, linky)

Only if you are a consumer … Boxing Day has become the biggest shopping day of the year!

Boxing Day is celebrated in the U.K. Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Most other countries do not recognize it as a holiday.

But the US does celebrate it as a shopping day I believe? I’m Canadian but I always thought they have blowout sales too that day?

I regret that I’m not Russian Orthodox and exchange presents on the Feast of the Epiphany (Jan. 6). I’d save so much money shopping these after-Christmas sales!

Historical note: Dec. 26 is the feast day of St. Stephen. Cross-reference Good King Wenceslas.

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==A Thrifty Epiphany==

I was not raised Russian Orthodox, but I now know why my parents always celebrated Epiphany in our thrifty household while our wealthier friends - the ones with piles of presents taller than their tree - did not celebrate Epiphany.

==Planning ahead==

When I was a bachelor, I would buy presents at After Christmas sales and save them to give next year.

Now that I have a household, I can never find where I stashed them.

Thank god for digital content, including Empires ( Yes, we have a mobile game budget for December. Yes, it is larger than the rest of the year ).


South Africa and India too. I believe it is a commonwealth thing

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