Christmas / Boxing Day Sale

Does anyone know what kind of Christmas/ Boxing day they have here? Specifically for the 365 day pass?

You’re putting ideas in their heads…
We have the winter calendar. Maybe (probably) other offers will pop up. But we don’t have Boxing Day in most of Europe.

American is the centre of the world and the most important country

There must be a boxing sale

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correction - center of the universe.

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Um. We don’t celebrate Boxing Day in America. It’s a British thing.


Nah we got Boxing Day deals here

Where’s “here?” Canada? Australia? Because Americans don’t spell it “centre.” That’s a British/Commonwealth spelling you used. So I’m very much doubting you’re American…


does anyone know what was offered last year?

lol. not impressed…


Anyone remember last years Christmas/ Boxing Day sales

Not exactly what you were asking for, but this is the closest thing I could find. Hope it helps.


Thanks but your right not what I’m looking for. Wanting to find out if any of the packages go on sale. I want to buy a second builder and wondering if it’s worth waiting until closer to Christmas or Boxing Day.

The centre of the world or earth is in Ghana - google it.
Many countries celebrate boxing day - most of them are members of the commonwealth.

I can only remember a deal I saw near the end of last december can’t remember which day, it was 12500 gems + a ring and other ascending items for the price of 10k gems normally.

@Gryphonknight you had that great raw data post on the Winter 2017 deals. Any chance you remember a special deal from Dec 2017 on VIP?

VIP Pass was introduced in February/March of 2018 so there were no Vip deals last Christmas


What do you think this chances are they put them on sale? Forgot what hey did at Black Friday but don’t recall VIP on sale

VIP was never on sale and I really doubt they’re ever gonna do it.

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There was no Boxing Day Sale. And I doubt there will be one.

Talking Bollocks. Europe much larger!! UK especially…

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