Christmas Atlantis

Since this portal atlantis catches us in full Christmas, I have a proposal, to bring back those that for me are the 2 most coveted old hotms, Hel and Alby, and … Give us only 1% more probability, really for you are very little and we give us a little hope more, come we are at Christmas!

I’d prefer 20 Delilah.

Sometimes alberich coming soon
Better …Deliah,Gravemaker :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::blush:

or we could get new hero’s that are sorta like them. Perhaps a Gravemaker that is That is green and does natural damage? or a Deliah that is Blue and buffs and heals… with little minions? They don’t always have to bring back HOTM they can always make new heroes :wink:

What Summon event was Hel from or was she a hero of the month before I started playing nine months ago? Just curious :sunglasses:

I think Hel was the very first HOTM in the game… that would have been around May of 2017

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Thank you witch, I was thinking it must’ve been something like that because I’ve never had a chance for her.

But she was one of the first past HOTM that was available in the Atlantis summons, that was just 3 months ago…

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and I dream about Zеline :grinning:

Does anyone know when exactly is the atlantis opening? Im not yet finished with season 2 provinces so i dont have a timer yet :slight_smile:

In 2 days and 18 hours. In Central Europe that would be roughly Thursday, 8 AM.


I would love to snag a 2nd hel

Hel+proteus is fun but just not the same as double hel

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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