Christmas 2018 event

Thanks! I’m waiting for the event!

What about final stage loot? Is it rings or farscopes?

Last years winter calendar was 4 weeks long I’m pretty sure and the “free” gifts started out really lame in the beginning and got better at the end of the calendar.

Maybe we’ll have some rare quests triggered only a few days apart at the end of the year like last year?

Here’s hoping at least. :smiley:

That must be a mighty powerful gun pointed at your head, forcing you to play this game you evidently hate so much.


I hadn’t started playing yet for last year’s Christmas event. Looking forward to this one for sure.


Or are both available? :thinking:

(Yes that’s a hint, all subject to change)

I got a leak last night about the Christmas hero. there are 4 new heroes. that’s all I can tell hahahaha :grin::grin:

I think the final loot
Max trainer 4*, mystic ring and avatar

Rumored mobs:

Addled Snowtree - purple
Devastated Snowman - green
Irritated Snowboy - blue
Raging Snowman - blue
Unstable Snowtree - yellow
Worried Snowboy - red


Santa Clause and Mother North seem like they’ll be extremely capable heroes.

They are really good bosses, expecially working togheter.

In their hero form Santa is a good ones, but not the kind of “oh my god must have!!!” if you already use Wilbur.

Mother North is much more interesting in my eyes, and can really trigger some troublesome double green teams (Alby-Mother, Zeline-Mother, soon to be HotM-Mother)


Chill mate … it is just a game !


Yep, I’m saving all my epic hero tokens for next month, when they might summon these winter heroes.


I never thought to save my tokens before this last week. Although i went a very long time without seeing one. Then mystic gave me 2 in one week. But then again i only have a baby alliance fighting 2 and 3 * titans.

Are the Christmas heroes worth going for? Are they going to be strong or weak 5*?

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Do You know if we can use epic hero tokens to pull event heroes? (Like in Vampire event) thank you

Assuming the Christmas event works like the other three seasonal events, then the epic tokens will work to summon the Christmas heroes.

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Two 5*, one excellent, one very good+
One 4*, excellent
One 3*, very good+

Impressions based on latest beta implementations.


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