Chrismas event bug affecting red tiles

Played Chrismas event and something caught my eye. Every couple of turns can’t make diamond with red color tiles. Maked video of bug and upload it to my youtube channel.

I assume you are talking about the move at 5:58. I don’t believe it’s a bug. The Tile is frozen and the description says frozen tiles can’t be used in an attack so I assume you need to unfreeze it before it can become a diamond.


I agree with @KPB. You can also see this happen at the 0:43 mark where you moved a yellow frozen tile to make a yellow dragon, but because the tile that you are making the yellow dragon with is frozen, it doesn’t become a yellow dragon.

If you create a diamond shape using a frozen tile you do not get the diamond. If you create a diamond shape using a free tile, even if it includes frozen tiles, you get the diamond. As far as I recall it has always worked this way.


Take a look at move on 3:53. Also frozen tile and you can create diamond. But I do see what you mean. On 3:53 moved free tile hence diamond is created. At 5:58 moved frozen tile and no diamond. I’m sorry. Tought it was a bug.

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