Chose the hero you want and pay for it

Hi guys,
I had this idea and I think is good idea.
Read and tell me what you think.
I have heard that lot of people have spent a lot of money on this game to find thier prefered hero. Many are dissapointed because they haven’t found it. I’am one of them. People who pay are those that are making this game go forward. We are the first to bw heard and to be served.

What you think?

No, this would increase PTW.

Wouldn’t be better to clear hard achievements/chain quests to get said heroes?

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I am totally agree with your idea it will be a better idea specially for those people which can’t get enough experience to reach higher levels to can get epic or rare hero’s

PTW, what does it mean?
They want money, not good ideas for us to get hard heroes!!!

Ok. Thats an other question!

PTW = Pay To Win
That means that players that spend will have more and more advantages over non paying ones:
in the end only the ones who spend a lot will prevail while the others will stay in “lower tiers” or leave.

And they money they get from “unsuccessful pulls” are good as any other money they get.

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Ok. I understood what you say but its already like that. So what?! We know it. But for this game to be fair, who pays must choose the hero one wants paying for it. And even you pay for Heroes game has balances, you know it. After is a combination not that if you have good heroes you are going to win, after is up to you. :wink:

I agree on increased odds to draw certain heroes
ex. hero selection focus, your next 5* draw will have a 50% to be the selected one

Well, actually… Heroes are not balanced between themself.

I understand you, but dont agree. I want to chose the hero, not the game, I will pay for it, otherwise I wont pays even 1 cent.

So better pay no cent. I totally agree to @FraVit93.

  1. no player would stay, that does not want to pay money. You would just feel like in the gutter between the overpowered paying players arround you. So why stay? This would lead to an elite bunch of players that can pay thousands a month for a free downloadable game. Good for SG you think…I don’t (see point 3 for more).
  2. Would be very boring as I think those players are not enough to create such variaity of alliances as we have now and would pass all stages of any season or else so quick that devs have no time to think about new challenges. They would just buy all heroes they need to do it.
  3. SG will not change this because it is the gambling feeling that make people spend money (even if they are addicted but this is another topic). So better to have many players and some spend money again and again and again instead of keeping multimillionairs in game by programming all day/night long something new to avoid that they get bored and leave.

It may sound hard or ridiculouse but I would compare it to this:
You can buy what you want as you pay a prostitute to do what you want her to do or you can go out into a disco, club or pub and meet a nice woman/man and have a good time without knowing if this leads to a happy lifetime relationship or not. Make your choice what you prefer. I prefer second.

Hope you understand what I mean…

English isn’t my native language so excuse me if my speech is not so clear to understand…

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I think that this would greatly decrease their revenue… or irritate the general player base. i know of many many people that did 10 10x pulls for Guinevere… they could probably charge $500 for her and get many takers.

  1. Its not true!
  2. I would not be boring, because many people like different heroes, and hiwever this can be fixed by a number of maximum choices.
    3)Might be as you say, I agree but putting a cost on a hero might be convenient too.

I understood what you say, but in life is as I say, not as you say. The example you are doing doesnt suit at all: its like you want water but somebody gives you bread.

And why is this so bad?
I think that game can limit your choices, like 1 per year with a hero cost of course. This can ne fixed. Other players would not be irriteted because in the game every hero has its value and in some way are balanced, not so well but quite they are.

I am not saying it is bad, just unlikely due to the current extreme monetization policy of SG.

Isn’t it already? :wink:

I can only wish you luck on this suggestion, mate. But then it looses the game charachter as well. Why play poker when the highest offer can buy the royal flash or all pay for royal flash?

Well GOOD LUCK from my side! :crossed_fingers:

T h a n k y o u ! :wink:

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Translation (Spanish): Look what I think is that, if you spend something at least by invocation of 10 you should give at least one of 5* and at least 4 of 4* and the rest of 3*, so the expense would be more justified, and in the events at least give you 3 of the heroes of those who appear in the specials portal, so it is justified, and I spent and in this I made 2 invocations x 10 waiting for at least one avalon hero, as they do not have more with my wallet.

Its a good Idea. :slight_smile: What about mine?

Let’s calculate what the cost of one normal 5* hero should be without impacting SG’s bottom line.

First, my assumptions:

  • The probability of summoning a random 5* hero at the elemental summon portal is about 2% (about 50 pulls expected).
  • There are 4 normal 5* heroes to choose from (that is, non-HOTM and non-event) when doing an elemental summon.

Now, the number of pulls you would be expected to need to pull a single specific 5* hero would be
(50 pulls * 4 different heroes) = 200 pulls. At 2600 gems per 10 pulls, that’s 52K gems per hero.

Based on that alone, I don’t think this will ever happen. Faced with such a high price, most players wouldn’t buy it anyway, and making the price any lower would cut into SG’s revenue, which I doubt they’d want to do when the current summon method works well for them. That’s not even factoring in the loss of hero diversity in the game due to players buying only heroes that are considered “top-tier”. After all, who would ever buy Thorne over Richard/Magni/Isarnia, especially when each one costs 52K gems?