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It’d be nice to be able to choose what kind of push notifications you get. For example, it’s nice and useful when the game notifies me that a new titan has appeared, or some long building project has been finished, but I really wish that I could disable notifications for raids or finished trainings - it gets more annoying rather than useful when my phone beeps all the time because of these.

Of course, that’s only my personal opinion, and some other people might find them all useful. But that’s why it would be good to make it optional. :slight_smile:

Yes! I hate the raided notifications, but want the others!


Yes please!! I am more likely to disable all notifications than get a bunch I don’t care about.


+1. You’ve been attacked and training finished are annoying. I’ll soon disable notifications altogether which does not help you with engagement!

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I personally would like to be able to choose what notifications are sent to me. Because idc when I’ve been raided but I do wanna know when items are finished crafting, training is finished, etc.

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@TrickyRicky You and me both! The lack of granular notification settings drives me a bit nuts. Plus there are things I’d like a notification for that don’t have any now.

Some other people have posted similar ideas:

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It only makes sense to be able to block unwanted notifications. Every other game that I play on my phone allows me to pick and choose which notifications come through. So why not this one?


What about various options of push notofications? Because current system is awful. I don’t want to see every 5 minutes that someone attacked me in raid, i don’t care about that. But also i don’t want to turn them off, i want to receive notifications about titan loot or appear, energy full, building complete etc. Also will be good to regulate some notifications and people will like that. For example i need to know when alliance energy will be 1 or 2, world energy 20 (20 from no matter how max), and turn off any raid notifications, it just an example. Don’t ask for what, for some people it will be comfortable, who don’t need this then just won’t use that, no big deal.

Event Summon Tokens: These have been discussed, but we’re likely to first to release a few more all-new Challenge Events during early 2018 before investigating this further.

Any common epic summon tokens for any reward from event =>>> THIS event epic summon tokens! You can also make it even autousable or somethings like that. Thoughts

Could it be possible to let the players choose which notifications we want to get? And maybe add a broader selection:

  • New titan spawns
  • Building construction completed
  • epic/legendary training completed
  • Base attacks
  • Titan flag ready (:))
  • World flags full
  • Raid flags full
  • Rare quest has appeared
  • Event challenge has appeared

To suggest some. As of now, only new titan spawn and construction completed are worth a notification, while base attacks are utterly useless to most, if not all.
(Sorry if this has been suggested earlier)


Now, that’ a good idea! I second the motion.

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Definitely a good idea. There are a few things that notifications would be useful for, but by and large at present most are sufficiently annoying that I turned them off completely.


I haven’t seen this idea before, and I think it’s a fantastic idea. I’d love notification of any/all flags getting to max level.


I’d like to be able to choose which push notifications we receive, rather than all or nothing.
Titan spawns, training centre and building completions are important, but when you’re in the higher trophy reaches and get raided every few minutes after logging out, it just gets a little annoying. If I’m out, I’m out, I’ll still get all that information when I log in, especially now the raid logs have been extended so much (thank you for that!), likewise I don’t need a notification for my daily free Nightshade.


Similarly to this - can I just turn off the in-game notifications? I am fully aware when my iron capacity is at it’s limit. I do not need that pop-up message after every single battle. Super annoying.


Thanks, consolidated.

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+1 this feature would be great. I hate it when i get spammed cause someone attacked me, actually can’t care less about that, but I wanna see when my building finished, when new titan appeared and so on. Important stuff! :yum:

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Notification on matchmaking (all variants like “starts in…”, “started”, “complete”) would be helpful…

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And some others:

  • monster/element/hero/titan chest available for filling
  • tournament preparation day start and daily flags availability
  • Atlantis rises started and end in X hours
  • new HotM available
  • daily VIP items available
  • new war flags available (12 hour mark)

Interestingly, I tend to disable ALL push notifications that I can except for missed calls and IM messages. When I’m not playing the game I don’t need reminders from the game. Even emails can wait.

Please-please-please, remove raid notifications at least. What was devs thought when they made it, what’s the point of it if you can’t do a thing in this case?

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