Choosing color tank

Hello !

We are a middle-of-the-table alliance, as most elements of the alliance have a mix of heroes of 4 and 5 *, we chose to use the blue color to tank, especially because of Boril.
However almost alliances against whom we fight use the yellow color.
My question is, in an alliance where almost all are F2P, should the yellow color be the choice? this is because almost all good yellows are either events or HOTM.

Well there is a lake in green attackers as I know but there are tons of yellows.
So there is 6 attacks per player in AW imagin how hard to keep hitting a blue tank with stacked color ever single hit.

I believe many favour the yellow tank paired with one purple flank (or even both flanks) so that strong attacks against the tank will be weak attacks against the flanks and viceversa. Yellow is chosen as there are more suitable yellow heroes for that role than purple.

Using other colors will give you a mix of string/normal/weak but, of course, the effectiveness depend on the heroes one has.

If the majority of people don’t have Guin, or Delilah, or Justice i guess yellow is not the color for you. 4* in the yellow zone are not so good anymore.

Blue is an excellent color, and if many of you have Kashrek i would say green.

when we chose a few months ago, the blue color appeared as a hypothesis because we only had 4 * heroes and the boril was by far the best tank we could have.
But now we grow and realize that the boril is not that strong anymore.
However I still can not see that if we changed to yellow our defense would improve a lot.
The best blues that we play are Richard , Isarnia, Magni and Perseus.
In yellow we have vivica , joon, justice and musashy. we dont have a single guin in the ally :slight_smile:

i dont get why a whole alliance would go with one colour as a tank , surely go with the best set up each player can muster.

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It seems that you have or are out growing blues. As stated above, yellow tanks are more common at higher levels, where blues are not.

Since your alliance is 4*'s and 5*s, perhaps it’s time to try red?

The idea is that it forces your opponents hand. If everyone uses their strongest individual defence, the other side can pick and choose between themselves who is going to attack who to maximise points. With matching tank colours, it leaves the other side with roughly 20% of their entire combined rosters that they don’t want to use since they’re weak to the tank colour, towards the end of the war they will usually have to use the weak colour and struggle to get points late on.


until they get an alliance strong in green , luck of the draw i guess

simplifying, I play 3 + 2 or mono. if each one takes the strongest, I will choose an opponent for my team red, yellow, blue … according to the opposing tank. if there is an equal color tank in the ally I will not have 6 teams with an advantage over the tank.

Back to the topic, I think trying red its a good advice.