Choosing between attack and healing bonus for Wilbur at node 19

I’m taking Wilbur to 20 in order to mana break him with my tertiary fire troop and I basically just want to confirm that if I go with the healing node for the 2% bonus, that Zimkitha’s element link will heal the extra 2% health each of the 6 turns it’s active (for an extra 12% or 36% in total). Am I assuming correctly? Or is it like an extra 2% split over 6 turns lol. I know healing nodes are generally thought of as not very useful but between the aforementioned element link and Graz throwing out mini heals every 6 tiles (3 ghosted) it’s giving me something to think about. Assuming it works as I believe.

Wilbur is emblemed on a defense and health path, and his skill is instrumental to the mono stack I use him in.

I have chosen +2% healing on my +20 Wilbur, fully def/hp path.
He is not designed to deal damage, he has to survive in order to cast his special, so a little healing is always welcome.

Go for healing, main purpose for Wilbur is to stay alive and aid your other heroes not for damage

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