Choosing among the Holy Trio of healers

I have a first-world problem: I have Vivica, Guinevere and Delilah, all completely unleveled. After I get Joon further along, I’ll start work on one of them.

Each has her pros and cons. Which would you choose, and why?

(Further info: my other leveled healers are Alberich, Ares, Rigard and Hawkmoon.)

I just scored Delilah from a “bonus draw” yesterday (super psyched) and have only test driven her once. Unsure if the Minion thingy is a worthless novelty, or if its the real deal yet…

I played with her, fully leveled, in beta. My biggest gripe with Delilah is that her minions create some serious lag. Not an issue in raids or wars, but she’d be unuseable against titans and in challenge events, where time matters.

I see …good to know. I currently use Sabina 4 star 3rd Tier…shes okay for now…until I level Up Delilah and re-organize my attack squad

J[quote=“Kerridoc, post:1, topic:19481”]
Vivica, Guinevere and Delilah

I love Delilah, but I am going to have to say Guinevere.

Guinevere’s rolling heal ( 153 HP per turn for 4 turns ) combined with an enemy 20% mana reduction and her 778 defense stat is insane.

Still prefer Delilah over Vivica because Delilah’s special is faster and gives a permanent +HP ( 174 HPs per minion useful for DOTs) and +defense to all allies ( minion’s reportedly have her 704 defense stat ), while Vivica’s defense buff only lasts 4 turns.

Edit 5: It would be nice if minions attacked at the same time or when matching/ shield/ physical damage was done to make them useful vs Titans.

I like rolling heal & HP increase because it is more versatile. If some of your team needs healing, but others are at 100% HP, all benefit from a HP increase and any 100% HP than takes damage in the next 3 turns will benefit from the rolling heal.

Vivica also has slightly less defense stat and HP than Delilah.

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If you need a tank, Guin’s your bae. I don’t really consider her a healer, same reason I don’t really consider Ares a healer: only healing flanks is often seriously suboptimal. That said you have Ares already, but I’m 100% convinced Guin is an upgrade in that role… I don’t really bring her anywhere else though I do use her in AW for stats and healing flanks isn’t as bad there as on raids when talking cleanup crew; however, if I had a bunch of other heroes to use, I’d probably go with someone who has some other benefit.

Vivica I’ve never liked; almost has to be used in combination with a fast mana hero on attack, and even then I’d rather bring someone like Alby for that function.

Delilah: just ascended her to 4th over Vivi but I had Guin already ascended; I may try on titans because honestly the minions don’t last that long on 10* and I didn’t notice much appreciable lag as a result but she’s an absolute beast in AW and raiding imo and even a terrific autoplay healer (hi 23-11 team someday), and all of that counts more for me these days than it has in the past.


in this event dalilah has done a great job for me, the minions absorb all the reflexes, and also works well in the raids, in this event I have managed to vivica but I will continue leveling dalilah, I think it is more versatile and the minions really work


As super as Guinevere is in some ways, I don’t like the Heal over Time. It can de dispelled and it is identical to Ares and Alberich, so you don’t get both.

I appreciate the thoughts so far.


One thought I’ve had concerning Delilah on Titan attack, is that her minions can and often do hit for crit damage. It’s a small number in general, but when I think of having a blinded, defense debuffed, jackal holy defense debuff, all on a Titan, and those minions roll off their hits, it could be a beautiful thing. If I ran Grimm,Wu, jackal, joon, Delilah, and got a board to go with it, tiles and minions could do some real work. It seems from farming that only heroes equipped with crit troops can crit, ie: it’s not based on Delilah’s troop, but with 4 yellows, I’ve got 3 and 4 Star crit troops to do it. With more than 5 minions out and debuffs applied, I think the time it takes for minions to fire might just be worth the time it takes, plus damage every turn when 3 colors aren’t on the board. Something to consider. I know when they’re all finished I’m gonna try it at least a couple times.


Just dropped on this boat, aquired Delilah and have Vivica too, now im am at a crossroads.

I like Vivica’s supreme healing and defense buff but slow mana is tough!
Starting to understand Delilah when i used her, so she heals 33% and adds up to 3 minions per hero, wheres the minions give extra life and also damage. It is absolutely Insane.

I though about it, she is giving me a minion of 84hp extra, 3 of these gives me 252 extra HP.
When leveled i believe that number will go up too.
So my Grimm that had 1132 HP will be boosted to 1384 HP? Is that the idea? That pushes my Grimm from 4* to 5* :slight_smile: i think it is a game changer!
Will experiment with her for a while to see but leaning towards her over Vivica.
But Vivica has to get leveled too, she earns her spot on high ranking teams.
Did u decide who to go with, Guin Viv or Deli?


Eh, not easy.
With alliance wars, having Gwinevre help you and your entire alliance.
And you can have a spot in the top chart for sure, if you are very active in the game.

But if you want something more selfish like do a good score in alliance wars and events, maybe Vivica is the right hero.

That’s the kind of problems that i really want to have :slightly_smiling_face:

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I haven’t decided yet—still working Joon upwards. Very illuminating discussion here, though. Thanks for the feedback.

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I have a maxed Joon. And recently did a 10 X pull to get Delilah and ended up with her and vivica!
Crazy luck… I had to choose one. I went with the Girl I was trying for and just have to not look back! Lol
They both seem good. And good thing for alliance wars because a lv1 vivica is better then a lv 1. One or 2 star random for those 5th and 6th attacks

Heroes with high defense, Healing Over Time and generate minions are going to rock versus the revenge bar.

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If anyone cares, I’ve decided to ascend Delilah first.

  • Over Vivica: average mana vs. slow mana makes Delilah more relevant in AW
  • Over Guinevere: Guin’s Heal over Time effect doesn’t stack with my 4-80 Area and 4-80 Alberich.

Close call, and both Guin and Vivica are still in queue for ascension.


I have both of them at 2/60, but only have the mats to take one of them to 3rd ascension. Which is the better choice?

Here are my other heros

Rigard - Maxed
Kage - 3/20
Proteus - 3/60

Buddy - Maxed
Evelyn - 3/70

Grimm - Maxed
Athena - 3/70

Gormek - Maxed
BoldTusk - Maxed

Mushashi - 3/70
Guin - 2/60
Delilah - 2/60
Onatel - 2/60
Li Xiu - 3/60

Delilah for a healer and guine for a tank.i would go for guine but it depends on your other heroes

Depends what u need. For raid defense choose guin.
For overall purpose choose del

I’m assuming it’ll be your first yellow 5* at tier 3? If so, definitely choose Delilah. She’s a great hero with great versatility. Guin is the best tank in the game but mainly only shines on defense really.


@tacticalzl1, Looking at your roster, I’d say you are a relatively new player, at least compared to many here in the forums. For a new player, Delilah, absolutely no question. Here’s how I see their strengths:

  • Guinevere – Best defensive tank in the game. Last choice hero to use for titans, challenge events, difficult quests, map levels, and raid offense.
  • Delilah – Second best yellow tank in the game. Best offensive healer in the game for raids and difficult quests or map levels. OK for titans.

Delilah was my first 5* hero, and I can’t count how many times she saved my butt early on, and I still use her all the time! Now I’ve got Guin too, and she sits on my defense team, ignored except as war filler, and I don’t even always use her.


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