#ChooseToChallenge - International Women’s Day Discussion

This topic is to discuss the #ChooseToChallenge for International Women’s Day 2021 campaign! :raised_hand:

Check out the full announcement and instructions on how to participate here:


I have my team ready to go. Let’s kick some behinds Ladies :heart_eyes:

Big shout out to all the strong women on the forum and in my Alliance as well. Always have my respect :metal:


Onatel is my oldest 5* hero,she always has been my right hand and my guardian angel. Respect to all women #choose to challenge


How about the women avatar in free rewards in PoV for a change?
My friend it’s f2p and she really liked the Malicna and Bertila, but the girls avatar, female heroes it’s always under the paid column rewards. Since the beginning.

Clarissa, Noor, Bertila, Malicna.


Which is the correct tag? #ChooseToChallenge! or #ChooseToChallenge (withouth the exclamation point)?

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I think they did Zulag and Glenda together

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Looking forward to the ‘lifted toilet seat’ avatar for the international men’s day event :smirk:


Yeah, because E&P totally isn’t about objectifying women, right?

At least they gave Crystalis a full costume before releasing her into the wild…

Don’t get me wrong - I’m all for women’s rights, equal opportunity, equal pay for equal work, and all the rest, but E&P, with its portrayals of female characters. seems to be a uniquely unsuited platform for promoting it.

I gotta call 'em like I see 'em sometimes.


@Chodaboy Someone tried to stir this pot in one of the Facebook groups a while back and was shot down very quickly…by all the women in the group…so let’s not start that here.

There’s a lot of strong women heroes in this game. They aren’t all stripped down.

I mean for that we have Tarlak and Grimm right?

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I think SG are broadly travelling in the right direction since the days of Natalya and pantless Zeline. Diversity in all characters is improving.


My killer ladies


My favorite “women as superheroes” meme…


I have adjusted my raid defense accordingly.


Always that one bloke who really loves it too. Don’t you Tarlak?? :joy:


Speaking of inequality… Why does Clarissa do less damage than Gravemaker. Why is Gretel average speed and Hansel fast? Those bother me a bit.


In addition to the “Ladoshka” icon, there will be some other prize draws ??

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Same. She was my first five-star back when she was the HotM. As F2P, I was agog to see her pop out of the summon portal. She makes everything easier and is an all-everything hero. She fits in every possible spot on defense, works well on raid offense, and cuts through PvE content with ease. She was the only member of my roster who was on my teams for both Ursena and Nihogg (normal and hard). I have seen multiple times where she finished off a raid by herself against two or three opponents, quietly sitting back there stealing mana, firing her special, resisting damage with her high defense, and healing herself with her element link. I’ve gotten some other pretty sweet heroes for F2P (Poseidon, Krampus, and Heimdall, for example), but Onatel is still my favorite. If you’ve got the blind seer, you’ve always got a chance. #Onatel4Life


As much as I’d love to field a full female defense team in support of women’s empowerment, my roster is too limited to be able to do so without losing a ton of cups. Maybe in celebration of Women’s Day, the game could gift me a fully leveled 5* female hero in each color?

In all seriousness though. My alliance is currently exactly 50% male / 50% female. Same with leadership rank distribution, 50/50. As it should be.

Funny, because that wasn’t even intentional. Just a happy coincidence that it worked out that way. :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy Woman’s Day :muscle: :partying_face:

EDIT: Troops should also womans,.

Now… respect for the troops’s woman :sunglasses: :raised_back_of_hand: :raised_hand: :partying_face:

EDIT2: My Alliance member say hello to my defense setup :raised_hand:

And offense is also use all woman’s power including troops.


And The Result

I know my alliance mate can handle this :ok_hand:


Because even average women can do thoughtless terrible damage to men so they make them slower?

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