Choose your special/class/mana speed hero

I wonder if it would be a worthwhile endeavor to introduce a hero whereby once acquiring the player could choose their mana speed and special and maybe even their class? Special would obviously adjust based on mana speed with such things as number of heroes being hit, damage %, side effects (buffs, debuffs, heal, etc). I don’t know honestly but the idea just kind of popped up so thought I would put it out there. I think the best thing about it is the fact that one hero could be many different iterations based on all the different choices players might make.

I wonder if everyone would end up making the same thing?


Maybe, maybe not lol.

Sounds like fun except that I’d be torn on which skills to go with. I’d probably end up creating some stupid worthless hero with very slow mana that does 1% of everything. :laughing:

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I think it would be fun too @TGW.

I can just see myself picking skills now…

Do you want your hero to heal your team, or steal mana from the other team?

ME: Yes.

Yes to which?

ME: Both.

Okay. Do you want your hero to have high health, shields, or attack?

ME: Yes.

Um… yes to which one specifically?

ME: All of them.

… ooookay. Um. So. Would you prefer a high attack that targets one enemy, a medium attack that targets enemy and adjacent, or a lower attack that targets all enemies?

ME: A high attack that targets all enemies.

… you really don’t understand how this works, do you?



I love it! 20 :joy: :joy: :joy:

I would do a very fast purple elemental def down hits 5 aoe proteus with the fighter talent and extremely high def/hp. I’m ok with sacrificing attack and doing just the dot damage.

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Choose your own element too? Nice!

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