Choose your blessing

like all great fantasy lore, realms, movies, etc, all civilizations choose a God or diety to worship. In doing so they gain the favor of these special entities and are rewarded with unique abilities and the ability to perform magic. So with this theme in mind, I purpose an option to have your kingdom make allegiance to one of the 5 elements. This could benefit in a number of ways depending on which you choose…

Blue - % to all hero tile defenses
Green - % to max health
Red - % to dodge skill (accuracy)
Yellow - % to special skill defense
Purple - % to skill damages

So basically you have the option of changing your selection once a month. However, it would come at a cost of having to start with base stats. So for instance, let’s say you start with 5% from the selected color. Every month you gain 1% for your devotion. After a year you would be at a max 17% increase (no further boosting). That means if you waited a year, you would go from 17% back to 5% for deciding to change.

This could be gained from within the tower and could have a flag on it to show your devotion. During raids and wars, selecting the player defense line up would also display there allegiance, but not the length they have been worshipping. Would make you wonder if they had a 5% or 17% advantage.

Ok, what would your recommendations for blessings be? :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting idea :+1:

To scrap this bit:

strong text[quote=“NDarkNS, post:1, topic:202800”]
That means if you waited a year, you would go from 17% back to 5% for deciding to change

The problem we have with things like emblems is that it breeds monoculture.

Players are crying out for features to be agile and responsive - not force you to maintain a status quo.