Choose your ascension = rewarding SG for terrible loot

Since November I have strangely only gotten damascus blades and tactic manuals from chests etc. 19 manuals and 15 blades. But barely any other 4* grading mats.
Only getting tonics etc from challenges and events.
War chests and titan chests AND colour chests EMPTY.
This has become a real problem, since I spent a lot at getting heroes to level, and now have 40 sitting at 3/70.
This is making the whole game come to a screeching halt, as my old heroes are becoming obsolete and I cant ascend the new.
Not sure what I am going to do about it. I am using AL20 of course, but at one mat per week it doesnät really help.
I think everyone has seen that loot has gotten a lot worse, as SG claims doing the opposite.
This is “not good”. ■■■■■ up, even.


I have kept track of my loot for the last 2 years and the small part of this year. Not including the s4 4* ascension mats, I’m behind pace. But with them, I’m ahead of pace… Considering i got the season 3 mats last year… It doesn’t seem wrong to consider them.

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