Choose your ascension = rewarding SG for terrible loot

Does anybody else feel that buying the choose your ascension offer today is rewarding SG for the terrible drop rate of 4* ascension materials.
I’m desperate for Damascus blades and mysterious tonics as I’m sure all of us are desperate for at least one type of 4* mat.
It’s the same issue with 5* aether’s. They’re only a rumour when it comes to loot but that’s no problem
as here’s an offer to buy a couple for €32.99.
Buying the materials to progress your heroes shouldn’t feel like the main option that we have.
We are getting more and more of these types of offers.
It wasn’t so long ago SG stated that they would increase loot. I have yet to see any effects. The only tome I’ve received was the gifted one.
Come on SG or Zynga or whatever we call you these days, actually follow through on your promises. Stop squeezing us for more and more cash and increase the joy of the game.


Actually, I don’t need any 4* mats desperately. Have more than enough. So, if you’re lucky with your pulls, you might get unlucky acquiring mats and vice versa


I broke down the value of this offer.


This is my tournament loot from today. There was guaranteed LB materials previously and SG changed it to double rondamized loot not long ago. I did not even get 1x 3* LB from this tourney.

All the higher class items drop less and less day by day.


Stop clowning around, if you want to close the game, close it once and for all, stop making fun of those who support you.
Top 1% won this then a new promotion appears.

Could it be that if the spoils in general are better, the players won’t be more motivated?



Plus nearly all the bonus summons chests contain emblems rather than ascension materials now.


I personally won’t pull hard unless there are ascension chests. I will only do it to chase a hero I feel I need. I would have bought out every chest in the challenge portal if there were ascension mats.

I have personally given into the fact that if I want to enjoy this game, I have to spend money. It dies suck because just recently I’ve wanted to pull back but it’s difficult. My pulls have been outrageously good. But the negative side effect of that is I have all these amazing heroes and I don’t see a lot of them getting leveled for a year plus. By then, there will be stronger heroes out. That’s what kills me. SG won’t even sell me enough to level all my heroes let alone give better loot for tourneys/chests/etc.

I got top 5% and got 5 aethers and it was my best one yet. I’m sorry some of you got nothing for the tourney.


I need telescopes, if I don’t buy I won’t get it. Titan gives me garbage, I don’t remember when I got the telescope for free :frowning:


Bummer. Any chance that you track your titan loot? I use the forum to track mine. Feel free to post in any of these threads:


Cannot say for Titan loot as those vary depend on ranking and stuff, but I can 100% confirm, the Wanted chest has been nerfed and there was no update posted about it. Titan chest used to be decent loot, now is as good as crap most of the time. It was nerfed around late 2020 early 2021 iirc. Before the nerf, I used to get maybe 2-3x 4* ascension mat from wanted chest in a month clearing the Wanted Chest as soon as timer up, so almost twice a day each catergory for a month(except Titan chest), now I will be lucky to get 1. Over 2+ year of experience, don’t need data, my “experience” is pretty accurate after so many years playing diff MMO etc, I could most of the time know a change been made before content creator even made video about it.


That’s my recent tournament loot @ 1%.

  • 100 Clerics
  • 2 ETTs
  • EHT
  • 6 Aethers ( I have received zero too)
  • Reset token.

With a 4* AsM, it would have been totally perfect…. But no complaints this time = nothing is broken.

  • Note: Many times a 1% loot has been bad …
  • When RNG favours = all is well…. Else, Rage :rage: & Anger….

Same logic for 4* AsM…. They come … but when I have lots of heroes, I also had above :rage: emotions
Today, after having built a playable roster in 25 months, I chose to not pressure myself to constantly ascend, I m chilled.
= it’s my decisions that drive my experience…. While SG may or may not play it’s games…


To me it looks like they have increased loot by a lot. The thing is that you have to purchase it now instead of being rewarded with it by playing the game.


From my F2P point of view, ascension mats aren’t much of an issue - I have a surplus of 2-3 heroes’ worth for each colour.

What peeves me is that they halved the number of free event pulls you get for completing an event.

It used to be a stable 2 free pulls per event (challenge events, Atlantis with old loot ticket drop rates, tavern, costumes), but the more recent events (knights, towers, valhalla event) only give you a single pull unless you go above and beyond, and in the knights case you can’t even do that.

Hence, f2p bottleneck will always be heroes, p2w bottleneck - ascension mats. Pretty sure this is by design rather than incompetence.


I’m F2P and can’t ascend my 5* heroes. I will admit that i have been fairly lucky with my free coin pulls and HA10. I have a surplus of everything except Dblades as i have never gotten one outside of the rare quest.


I would have bought this but I’m still bitter about the c Krampus castration. Why would I pay to ascend another strong blue only to have them maybe nerfed? Nah, I’ll wait the extra month and a half to get three scopes SG.


I barely spend thanks to SGs greed. How they dont realize players spend more when they are happy and feel rewarded and listened to, is beyond me.


I am flush with tonics and most everything else… But that’s just because i have lil luck with my pulls.

There are way more people out there who spend out of frustration rather than happiness. Think casino games. This game is purely made based on gambling elements.


Some players do spend out of frustration, but that number is definitely lower than the amount of players who have left the game or went f2p out of frustration.

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No I collect enough material for at least one 5* in each colour. My problem is that I get no heroes to use it. At the moment I have a new project Shegat + Costume. After finnishing him to 80 incl. costume I will still have enough material for another purple 5* hero.
I have to admit, there was a time when I have the same problem, but since last summer my summon luck left me, except Shegat two weeks ago. So I have at least 9 items for each colour and more than 10 blades and books.

Wish you good luck for getting the missing parts asap.

Cheers Reder