Choose when to collect loot

This may not be a problem for a lot of players, but I often have almost full iron due to waiting to upgrade a building. I log on with full iron and the BAM! get titan loot/war loot. I would love the chance to pour some iron into crafting some time stops or tornadoes before I collect my loot and see 170k iron wasted because I didn’t have enough room for it.

I know it’s a small gripe but it becomes a little difficult to balance with 8+ day wait times, expensive upgrades, and uncontrollable loot collection.

Yes, can be annoying. I used to make sure to always have at least 200-300k below max. Once the building is finished it usually doesn’t take long to get the little rest needed to start the next building.


I think once your get HA, you can store iron in it just like how you can store food in TC20. I personally always craft some Tornadoes or something when my iron is getting near max capacity.

HA requires too many recruits to reasonably sustain a TC20 and something from the hero academy as storage. Most of my recruits typically go to trying to sustain a TC2 at all times. I’m just looking for like a 12-24 hour window in order to collect loot that is normally immediately forced upon us.

Most of the time, I would collect immediately, but if I’m two hours away from upgrading another building, I don’t see the reason in crafting more tornadoes if I don’t need them.

It does work well to store Iron in HA.

And if you play a lot you don’t have a shortage on recruits

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I craft battle items while I wait for buildings to finish. Timestops, Tornadoes and dragon attacks.

Keeps me within reach of the next building…


TQ…love this tip! (20 characters)

I’d rather have those tornadoes crafted and lying there for future use than wasting surplus iron from the chests or rewards.

I don’t know any player who hasn’t encountered this issue in the past or in the present. If you know one, kudos to him/her as he/she may have exceptional foresight on resource management. I did experienced this before (not just once), especially when I lacked orichalcum nuggets, hardwood lumbers, crude irons, midnight roots, and dragon bones, and that my builders are still working on the structures they are leveling. Now that I have maxed all available buildings, I don’t have issues anymore with excess iron as HA6 is a good iron and recruit sink. You may want to emblem some usable heroes or try crafting more battle items requiring iron at the Hunters’ Lodge. This experience is just a reminder or wakeup call for players for them to manage their resources effectively/.


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