Choose how many recruits to pull out of training camps

Let me choose how many recruits to pull out of training camps, and let me choose how many troops to train at once instead of holding the + and -

This would make leveling up heroes much easier, and reallocating what I’m training simpler too! Thanks so much for the consideration.

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Recruits cannot be acquired from training camps.

Do you mean feeder heroes?

I believe he is asking for the option to claim and train heroes from training camps selectively by a selective amount instead of the claim all functionality we see now.

While it would save us time, it may take the devs extra effort to put in, so i am not sure if they will. Just my thoughts on the topic matter.

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How about a pull all yellow heros from the traininng camp, or even better pull 50 off 3* yellow heros from my TC.

I think the OP meant of recruits. Some TCs serves as recruits bank, aside from it being used as extra food storage. That when such player wants to remove some queued training in, say, TC11 to place those recruits in other TC for TC19 functions, instead of tapping the “-” several times until the required number of recruits are available, such should be on a numerical pop-up. Same thing goes to the TC19 that instead of tapping the “+” several times, it should be done numerically. Doing so is a QOL improvement to a lot of players. This is especially annoying when one wants to craft pots and arrows and other battle items.

Does that mean like using TC20 as recruit bank but only want to withdraw 50? That does make sense if the training is fully cancelled. I recall that if you cancel 1 training without room for 100 recruits, it end up losing all recruits, is this correct?

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Yeah, but since you can only withdraw 3 queued trainings in TC20 with all 3 maxed houses and 1 maxed adv house, the OP may be referring specifically for TC11 where it may take time to tap the “-” just to get the needed recruits to be allocated to a different camp on a different TC function, maybe on TC1, TC2, TC3 or TC19. I do it all the time and its annoying how many time you get back in forth between TCs just to get the needed recruits.

I’m specifically referring to the fact that if I have 1,000 days worth of recruits in tc 11 but I want to pull out 100 recruits to train 1 more time in training camp 20, I have to hold the minus sign.

Please just let me click on tc 11 click the minus and then let me select 100 recruits,

I like the ideas above too though of being able to select just one color to be pulled out/how many to select instead of just claim all.

Idk if this would be the right place to ask my question but…speaking of TC’s, I have a member, level 29, what’s the criteria for being able to “pull all” finished vs 1 at a time? His is still 1 at a time & it’s frustrating. Thank you!

Do you mean collecting heroes from your TC? The button “Collect all” will be available once you upgrade one of your training camps to level 20 - then this button will be available in every TC.

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That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much! Happy Gaming :blush: