Choices, choices

Choices, choices…

The game me a lot to think about this morning when I got Kiril’s costume. I’m very week in blue and generally don’t attack red tanks.

My current defense is:

Sonya © +18 Dom +3 Li Xiu © +19 Anzogh +3 and Elk +4

I had been leveling Magni 2/37 and will continue to level Joon 3/66.

I have two other Kirils now at 1/1. I had also been saving all of my wizard emblems for Anzogh, but now I’m not sure. Kiril with a costume and some emblems would have greater syergy with Anzogh than Sonya . I like Anzogh and he works really well in my red stack with bold tusk and Gormek but without the buff and/or a debuff of the opponents defense he just doesn’t hit hard enough.

I would appreciate some advice on defense and emblem usage. I also have Balthazar +19 and Ulmer +18, I’ve been thinking for a couple of weeks about starting to take some emblems off of some of my 3*. I took 3 of each color to between +18-20. As a free to play there aren’t many areas of the game where you can be towards the top and it feels really good to do well in the raid tournaments and the challenge events.

I just drew Balthazar’s costume so I’ll probably keep emblems on him for the time being.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I definitely agree that Anzogh works best with an attack buff or, even better, a defence debuffer.

I usually take c.rigard or sometimes Wilbur or Grimm to keep him company.

C.kiril would be another really good option.

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Hi @JonahTheBard is C the new short form for in costume? Is there an established short hand for a character that has a costume but is out of costume? Sorry been gone for a while and costumes had just come out right before I stopped playing. Thanks for your response btw

I’ve seen “CB” used for “costume bonus” (i.e. having a costume for the stat and mana speed increase but not equipping it).


I just love Kiril. Used him since the start. Blue was the last color to send a 5* to me so he was there all the time. Nowadays I own two, one of them is at emblem 19. Dont use him that much anymore but he’s the guy. I can’t wait to pull his costume.


For me at least, IMO… wizard,… if we have other option…


Proteus and mana troop lvl17+, I personally emblem Proteus+19, but if we already have mana troop lvl23, then no required to +19. I already have one at +19, and the 2nd at +12 and will continue to +19, because my mana troop is still at 17 (too long to reach lvl23).
Otherwise if we already have mana lvl23, we can just stop at +17, or do +19 and use as a 2nd mana troop (like in stack use), etc…


Kiril with costume only need Mana troop lvl5, so it does not require mana node, my Kiril is at 14, and I plan to continue to +17.


He is great with additional buff support +att and -def, I usually use him with BT-Wilbur-Falcon, he is sturdy, I only emblem him at +3, and I think he does not have significant impact, and 5* emblem cost is high. I plan to reset his emblem, after I reach good ham/iron and lack of Wizard emblems to use.

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Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Not so much, but as @Gorann has said CB is used sometimes

I don´t have C-Kiril but my normal Kiril goes is in all of my raids paired with Sabina Grimm and other 2 heroes:

He is a total pack: Provides a nice heal and quite a good attack and defense buff that can overcome pretty hard situations (when Wilbur fires or when you get an attack debuff)

When I attack red, green or purple tank I go with Boldtusk and Marjana. This grants you attack buff most of the time and several sources of healing if you play long matches you have great chance of winning.

Elkanen can be a pain in the ■■■ in field aid wars, but I think he doesn´t fit very well in your setup.

Maybe this team could work:

Domitia, Kiril, Lixiu, Anzogh, Sonia.

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