Choice of hero resource building

Something I’d like to see as an improvement is an advanced building (don’t have a good name for it yet) in which heroes can be selected. I know this goes against the entire gambling/random model but I would like to have the option to choose which heroes I want to use and develop, or at least a limited choice. Nor do I think it should be easy. Plus some randomness included.

First, restrict it to 3* and over heroes.
Then some expensive researches from the advanced building to enable certain options. And the options to look something like this:

  • Two identical heroes gives the option to select one of the same * rating of the same element.
  • Four heroes of the same * rating of the same element to select one of the same * rating of that same element.
  • Eight heroes of the same * rating including one of each element to select a hero of the same * rating from any element.
  • Seven heroes of the same * rating of the same element to return a random hero of the next higher * rating of the same element.
  • Ten heroes, including at least one of each element to return a random hero of the next higher * rating of any element.
  • Also make the exclusive heros (all of them from past months and events) available in this manner but have them at twice the cost. ie; Four identical heros to gain a specific hero of the same element.

This would give plenty of research options within the building, for each of 3 and 4 star heroes there are the same * selections and the random upgrades and 5 * heroes would have the same * hero options.

Note that the ability to trade in heroes for those of a higher * rating will only return random heroes. Then if you want specific heroes you need a lot of that * rating. ie; to get a specific 5* hero, you’ll need to be very lucky to get two identical 5* heroes (and still be limited by element) or have been generating a lot of 4* heroes to get the 5*'s to start with.
To throw some numbers out there for perspective, to get a specific, non-essential 5* hero, you’d need four 5* heroes of the one element (or to be lucky and have two identical). To make these four, 28 4* heroes would be needed, all of the same element. And to generate these, 196 3* heroes would be needed of the same element. Hmm, maybe I’m suggesting it a bit too hard.

With this I expect it will may even be harder gain the higher level heroes than with the gambling scheme but it does give people a goal and the means to obtain the specific hero that people might want.

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