Chochin vs Second Bjorn

Hello guys. Looking for depth a little bit my 3* for tournaments more than anything .
My current 3* maxed roster is the following .

Costumed hawkmoon


Costumed Gunnar



And here comes the purple

Bjorn and Baltazar are maxed
So another one will come in handy !

What is your believe second bjorn who is a beast or chochin ? I have had some troubles before in tournaments with chochin tanks.

Thanks in advance !

Two Bjorns are totally useful to have, I think. But Chochin is a superb 3* as well. There are not many other 3* mana control heroes and he is the only one in his color, so I vote for Chochin


I think i will be doing both of them sooner or later .
I wanted to ask because i usually do one or two 3* as a rest after maxing a 5* or a 4* . I will max this purple and then move to another color

So , a vote to chochin

also voting Chochin first for variety. would be useful for Very Fast mana tourneys.

I do it similarly: I only level 1-2 five stars at the same time, and only 3*-4* star heroes in the other colors

Are we seriously debating about 3* ?? Up them both they will be finished in a couple day anyway…

What is the problem in debating ? And if you dont want to debate skip the post its simple.

I have already said that after maxing this purple i Will move forward to another color , maybe a yellow kvsir or a red so i wanted to know the best option .

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It’s just you can ascend both in couple days. Its not like planning 5* or mana troop grind.

Depending on your roster depth, I would totally advise you to only level on-colour. You waste a lot of XP by off-colour leveling. And given you’re 3* roster you shared, I think you’d be better of with on-colour.

The only reason for off-color is when you have a really a deep roster already and there are just certain heroes new heroes you wanna have maxed asap. But with Kvasir and Chochin in the middle of a 5* tournament, that should not be the case. Stick to on-colour feeding!

I expresseds wrong i dont train one colour. I use two tc 11 and two tc 2.
What i wanted to say is that once i finished this purple project i will move to another hero(another color of hero to work on)
I have never invested in researching the color training camp

I wasn’t talking about TC.

I was talking about only feeding feeders of the same colour to your heroes. Otherwise you will waste plenty of XP and progress a lot slower.

I also barely use the color-specific-TC-levels, but for faster progress it makes a huge different to feed only same coloured heroes or different colour heroes.

It seems slower, cause you level five heroes at once, but in fact your will have them maxed much faster than doing them one by one and feed them all colours

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Ohh ok . Sorry i didnt understand at first glance.
I usually train the 3* this way because otherwise they tend to never reach 8/8 .

With 4 or 5 i just drop every color.

Here is a screen of the heroes id like to finish
How much time It takes to train with on - colour feeding?

Take into account that when i swich from a 5 or 4 to a 3 i can finish it in two days at max dropping all feeders
I can use TC 2 TC 11 and even move to TC 1 or TC 3 which makes the time shorten.

I will try it and i will tell you here how it went . Ive never tried this way of training before

On-colour feeding has the greater chance to level up the special skill as well!

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I do also quite like Bjorn, but I would also go with Chochin before a 2nd Bjorn (or any other 3* duplicate for that matter), both because of variety, and the mana control.

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Yes, thats true .
I will try training those 5 heroes
I will see the time it takes me compared to one hero feeding(dropping all color to one)

Level the glue head good to have viarety won’t take long

Im leveling a rainbow 3* trying that way of off color that told me above . I Hope It didnt take me so long

Just been using feeders on map and a few from tc11 to feed a namage already half way there colour on colour can be done

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Bjorn! Bjorn… Bjorn!! I currently use 4 and a yellow and have been in top 10% often and occasional 5%. I am looking to swap out my yellow see if I can hit the magical 1%

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