Chochin & Thanks to Devs for Rich Mythology

One of the things I really love about this game is learning new things about world mythology. I fed my Chochin away because he is so ugly (I keep Gil-Ra because of her lament…). I thought Chochin was just something out of a dev’s nightmare about a chatty colleague until I looked him up and found that the mythology of Chochin the paper lantern ghoul goes back to 1784! There is so much depth to this game…Thank you, SG!!!


I couldn’t agree more!

This is an old thread, but one that I think you might enjoy—it’s one, too, that would be fun to update with information regarding the newer heroes:


@Cpt.Ahab thank you!!! I will go there while I’m recharging my world energy :smile:

I’m not sure how many times I’ve explained Danzaburo’s background as a tanuki to others… lol.


@Kikyo do you have a link? If not I will add the story! What a great legend!!!


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