Chochin and Gill-Ra


Hi guys,

I have another question about heroes. I’ve got 2x Chochin and Gill-Ra in the atlantis gate. And I wonder if it is possible to use them somehow. When I saw their special, my first thought was they are useless. But maybe not. What do you think? Event? Tyrum and Balthazar are much better for sure.

I’ve got Melia and Gato too, so I’m not depressed at all :wink:


I haven’t been able to figure out a good use for Chochin…

Gill-Ra is the only 3-star that cleanses ally debuffs… I think that means he is one of 4 heros that will cleans a whole team (the other three being Rigard, Vivica, and Lady Locke).

While his slow speed may not make him very good in a war hit, he could be very useful in a challenge event… or a weak war hit against a team with empty spots for quick mana generation.

The ability to cleanse your team of debuffs is huge.


Thanks for answer. Yes, this special of Gill-Ra shoud be good but in challenge event I try to kill boss before he uses his special. The faster the better :stuck_out_tongue: So Gill-Ra will not have any possibility to use his special.


I think Cochin is a very viable 3*. That’s a pretty solid hit on 3 targets, and the mana slow is very useful in raids. On challenge events, where each level has only 2 or 3 foes, Jughead will be a contender.GILL-Ra is more problematic. It does no damage, no healing, horrible attack stat. Am I really going to use up one of five slots for it? Hmmm.


Same here, got chochin and Gill-Ra, worst of all, I also got Arwa, what’s she doing in Atlantis summon ?? Was hoping for better


I love Gil-Ra teamed up with Wu Kong. She lowers attack & defense of opponents and then Wu takes them all out. The combination has helped me take out higher level teams than with Wu alone. That being said, Wu is almost fully leveled but the rest of my teams are fully leveled 3 stars while I wait to level up other 4s & 5 Sartana