🐰 Chick Jr. – 3* Ice/Blue from Springvale

Need? Well no…

But will I level him? When there’s nothing more interesting to plow blue feeders into, sure!

Ok just reading through this, and it did make me chuckle. But Just to clarify, I wanted the Chick JR to add to my blue stack team of Gato, Gato (2), Nordi and Gunnar costume.
But I didn’t get him so no idea which other 3 star blue to put in there - and I have all of them including Ulmer and Karil lol


Did you say Wings and Oberon? :beer:


My mono blue 3* team is:

Ulmer gato karil gato valen

It works. How good it is in comparison to others…i have no clue. And i haven’t leveled nordri up yet but he would probly swap with valen i think…

I really wouldn’t think much into anything i say about 3s though cause i really just leveled 5 blues and 5 reds for challenge events and tournaments and called it good

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Lol damn that does sound good


One of my alliance mates just pointed this out and I actually almost fell off my bed laughing:


Always found that weird, too, but I assume the progression was Alligator, Gator, Gato. Which almost makes me want to call him Gato with a long ‘a’, rather than Gato like the Spanish word for cat. Almost.


I just pulled Chick Jr and from what most of you said he’s pretty good considering his dmg. I have Gato +18 and I’m working on Nordri now. So Chick’s up next. :wink:

Thanks for all the info everyone!

Edit: @Circul Vodnik is good?!

Prior to Chick Jr I was using Karil, so if you have him then use him with the others.

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No, you’ll pull it anyway. :wink:


He’s solid. Good stats, fast mana, lots of damage (for a 3*).

I haven’t number crunchers on him vs Valen. Even with costume Guvnor on the team having a single target defense down at fast may be better.

The question is, on a blue stack, does Chick replace him or Gato #2?

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@Zathrus @amrath I personally think Vodnik isn’t as good as the others, his ss damage isn’t consistent and his tile damage for a 3* Blue is considerably low, when competing in events the goal is kill fast and hard, Vodnik is a weak link I have him and would have only used him if I didn’t have any of the other main blues that the top event rankers use.

Valen’s tiles start at 479, Karil is 484, Ulmer and Gato is above 500 so is Chicks.

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Here’s the numbers:

Hero Damage Multiplier (before emblems, etc)
Vodnik (minimum damage) 1,229.2
Valen 1,437
Vodnik (average damage) ~1,492.6
Gato 1,548
Vodnik (max damage) 1,756

For Challenge Events, I would replace Vodnik no question.

Regular enemies don’t have mana so his skill will hit for weaker damage than Gato’s. For high scores you never want the bosses mana bars to increase either, as that wastes time and sacrifices the match bonus.

For Raid tournaments, I’d go with replacing Gato 2.


Chick Jr.'s full portrait description says Squire of Springvale, which is identical to that of the Squire Wabbit. Though one could argue they are both learners in their positions of the order. I don’t believe currently there are any heroes in this game with identical epitaphs, if you will.

Is this perhaps an oversight by the programmers? Would one of them change? Just like costumed Hawkmoon description was updated from Ascendant Chieftain to Ascendant Mender, though this was updated because of some controversial reasons in regards to her design. Chick and Wabbit situation is slightly different.

As I mentioned earlier, I pulled Chick and am wondering who to work on next. I have Gato +19 and Valen +4 and am currently working on Nordri 2/38.

I have all the others mentioned above including Gunner with costume all at 1/1.

So in which order would you work on them? Gunner and costume, Vodnik and Chick … hmmmm

And is Valen worth holding onto once I have some of these others leveled? I don’t hear him mentioned much.

Well you need 5 in total, but if you’re using C Gunnar then I would look to do a 2nd gato to replace Valen. But for now he’s still useful as a sniper with a nice amount of ss damage and decent tiles.

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Mostly I include Vodnik because Vodnik +20 is far superior to Gato +0. I suppose with chick jr being a paladin as well, I may reset Vods if another paladin comes along. I’m probably weird that I give emblems to max out 3* for tournaments before looking at my war teams…

As an aside, does anyone actually keep their greymanes, renfelds, priscas, dawa, karil, etc? I’m not wanting to spend 150 gems on hero slots.

I keep one of every hero I get, because you never know when a change will come to heroes. And there are costumes in the works for Prisca and those other less desired 3* that we all have.

I build my 3* teams around the challenge events and then use those same heroes for tournaments, so I do hear that Vodnik is great for tournaments. For event challenges however, gato is definitely better.


I do. I keep a copy of each hero. Heroes are more valuable to me than roster space. I am at 150 gem cost,too.